Monday, April 18, 2011

Tables of Content

This is as much to remind me as to inform you.

I had a lovely, epic weekend. It consisted of Zola Jesus on Friday night. I followed this up by booking not one, but three events for my Saturday evening. It is going to take a bit of time to write it all down and write it all up. I still need to talk about Over the Rhine as well, which was a fabulously lovely time.

There was the storm that wasn’t.

There is the spring that isn’t.

There is Chicago and I am starting to feel lovely and somewhat settled here.

Work is work-like.

Love and life and laughter come and go and continue to be as such.

I have a thousand pictures that need to be edited and uploaded as well. So I supposed that will be my morning blogging for the next few days. I am trying to think if I have forgotten anything.

Yes, yes, the BMV.

So, if you are out there and reading, well, I’ll be writing about these things for a few days until I get all caught up again.

In the meantime I shall leave you with this for today, because I found it to be amazing.


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