Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It starts like fingers pinching your muscles just below the skin, and then goes deeper. Knobs turned up and slowly deeper until you have the sense of having a massage being delivered just under the surface of your skin. This is the electricity moving under the surface working out tension, working out pain, and bring forward the most comfortable sense of relaxation.

Under the sway of a thrumming, beating, electric groove, eyes close and the body thrums with timed thrumming and vibrations. Electricity moves up and down in waves, filling muscles and thrumming under skin. The muscles are eased by a kind of massage that the fingers cannot provide.

It is a swirling swell of electric vibration. Molecules speed up and moving more quickly toward outburst.

A hill. At the bottom of the hill is light thrumming. Light at first, but it builds. The hill goes higher, the pulsing light goes higher. Everything moves faster and faster, closer to the top of the hill, closer to the sunburst on the other side. The sunburst is the goal, that attainment of perfect light, wash of awareness and joy and fulfillment have having accomplished. Closer to cresting the hill and suddenly the bottom drops out, and there again is the bottom of the hill and the sunburst is so far away.

Up the hill again.

Music starts to play. The music becomes the pace of hills and gullies. Music with dark thrumming beats that punctuated by sharp syncopated rhythms, music that builds toward a crescendo, the sunburst, closer. Running, running on the hill, reaching for the sunburst and…the music dies down and starts again.

Suspended on vibrations of electricity under the skin, hours spent searching without distraction for a glowing feeling that represents glowing light.

Electricity is how I spent my Saturday night.

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