Saturday, May 21, 2011

Muscial Moment

Sometimes, when I am listening to music, I have one of those extra-sensory reactions when something comes on that takes me completely out of whatever it was I was doing and puts me right there inside a song.

Today it was random work-related stuff as I listened to my recently purchased music. The music went on the background and merely supported my brain as it focused in on dotting I’s and crossing T’s. And then, suddenly, my brain totally shifted gears.

“You need some, you want some
You set fire, to auditorium
You come home, you’re all alone
You call your psychic and you want answers.
I got answers, I got answers. “

The lyrics may have been silly, but it was all part of a set piece, a package of musical magic that just pulled me in. Something about the wonderful build of the guitars and the subtle crooning of male lead vocals layered purposefully over the pounding drums and pounding voice. The feeling of being taken over by music came over me. I fell down the most beautiful well of sound and all I wanted to do was listen over and over again to this song that sang to me with it’s excellently selected minor chords and building, painful, powerful crescendos.

I felt the sounds. I wanted to feel the sounds. I could feel them hitting my ears and driving everything else to recognize the impact. I drowned in the most beautiful wall of sound and lost complete track of everything I was doing for the next five minutes as the song would me up and wound me down.

I love that about just the right music for just the right time.

Today that music was MeandJoanCollins "Auditorium", which is sadly not online on YouTube. However this lovely little ditty from MeadJoanCollins is available. It’s good, but not quite the effect that Auditorium had on me.

It's been two weeks since I've seen any live music. I think I'm about due for a show.

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