Tuesday, June 21, 2011

House Party, Part 3: First Performance

As we talked a bell rang, and while we thought at first that someone had locked themselves out smoking we were instead greeted with additions to our play. Another old friend of the Balance, Stella, with beer (also Stella) in hand, and later the Molester’s gorgeous and friendly niece.

Stella took a seat next to the Balance and got her own introduction from him.

“We’ve known each other for 95 years.” she said.

The Balance laughed. “What, why that?”

“Because every time you introduce you me you add about five years to our friendship, so I think at this point is about 95 years.” More laughs. The stories continued. Stella tried to open her beer, but had some trouble. Moxy stops her.

“Hand it here.”

“I need an opener.”

“I know; I have one.”

Stella handed over her beer and Moxy put the bottle between her teeth and pulled the cap off.

“I think I am in love.” I said as she passed the bottle back and pressed the cap into her forhead. She smiled. The Balance gave me a knowing look.

The conversation continued. With the arrival of Stella the lineup for sitting about the kitchen table shifted. People began to move around, shifting places, seats, and conversations. There was an arm around my back, and a shoulder next to mine and I looked into the smiling face of Moxy. My spidey senses started tingling. Moxy and I were becoming fast friends, while the Bard engaged the Jedi and the Balance about random topics. Titan ran back and forth between games. I swear the vVv people never stop playing!

The Bard, asked again to sing, paused for a moment, and took a breath. Then she opened her lips and did what she does, something I had not had the pleasure of hearing her do in far too many years. She began to sing. She sings the blues. She sings …

Just another homesick child
Tired of running wild
Ready to stand trial and move on
Though I'm guilty in your sight
Have some mercy tonight
I can't make it through the fight alone

The Bard’s voice stopped the room; for all we know it stopped the world. All of us were trapped in the enchanting thrall of the words she sang.

Oh but lord, no don't make it easy
Keep me working till I work it on out

The Balance watched with his hands folded in front on the table. Stella sat next to him, closing and opening her eyes slowly. The Jedi listened, dark beautiful eyes just this side of moist, lost heart and soul in the sounds she sings. She sang the first verse and stopped.

Just please shine enough light on me
Til I'm free from this shadow of doubt

Keep me out of the Shadow of Doubt

“Yes…yes….you see what you did there? Do you see? Can you sing it again from the beginning? Just one more time?“

“No, I can’t, you have no idea.”

“I just-“

“I’ll keep going, it gets repeated.”


As I try to make some sense
Of this world I'm up against
Well I know my best defense is your love
When the struggle gets insane
And the lesson's full of pain
Keep me calling out your name with Love

And she continued to sing. There was so much emotion in the bottom of her voice and the depth of her words. Ms. Moxy’s arm around my waste became even more present and real and I felt an unstoppable build of emotion as the Bard continued to sing.

Well I whisper in the dark
From the bottom of my heart
And I'm searchin for one star to shine
I will shout from mountain high
And I'll reach into the sky
Til you open up my eyes so blind

Doomhammer watched from the side, a face open, rapturous with enjoyment. Moxy’s head was on my shoulder and I could feel her soft breath and her own stillness in the presence of the Bard's voice. Titan was still. As a musician, he could not move. I understood his emotions. Musicians almost wanted to kneel before the pressure of her voice. Musicians were stopped, and awed by the unparalleled beauty of the it. She filled the room, producing echoes and turning the kitchen into an almost cathedral-like space. We were reverent as we listened.

Oh but lord no, Don't make it easy
Keep me workin' til I work it on out
Just please, please shine enough light on me
'Til I'm free from this shadow of doubt
keep me out of the Shadow.....

When she finished there was applause. Our emotions were stirred, open and exposed. We paused a moment but there was nothing to talk about in the space after her song. We just sat in awe after clapping and tried to figure out what to do next.

Finally we began to move again. Life returned as the unbridled emotion leaves us. It was decided that another smoke is in order, and it was time to refill the drinks. Musical chairs are played again, as people come and go in and out of doors. The night continued with a slightly different hue than it had before.

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Maladaahn said...

Awesome Sara! Brings me right back to that amazing moment. The Bard has always moved me beyond words...