Thursday, June 23, 2011

House Party, Part 5: Second Performance

And the world was silent, with nothing but moonlit illumination and city streetlamps through the windows.

“Wait. Where did they go?” asked the Balance.

I was sure the Bard gave him a look. The discussion around the table was first on where they must have gone and quickly turned into the slightly more obvious question of ‘what is going on in the bathroom?’

What was going on in the bathroom?

The Jedi, who was sadly not included in the agenda walked down the hallway to spy.

What can be seen between the small sliver of door crack exposed for a second?

White skin in the moonlight, hands, a flurry of activity. Four busy hands or six? The door was closed.

What was going on in the bathroom?

Listening at the door, what could be heard? Is that soft panting? Or giggling? Or crying? What did she say? What did she say? Who was interesting now? Another push on the door, a tiny crack appeared.

Soft lights, fingers, long hair in motion, who was in motion?…just a little more, the door closed again.

The Molester, who was sadly not included in the agenda, walked down the hallway.

A tap, a knock, small, soft subtle. “It’s just me, let me in.”

Tap, tap, tap.

Perhaps an ear to the door, what could be heard now? Something different, some kind of pressure, a moist wet sound; girls sighing…

Tap, tap, tap.

“It’s me. I just want to watch. I just want to watch.”

A silvery crack in the door. Small light, white flesh, standing, kneeling, against the wall, hard to make out shapes in the dim light, smell of girls, dank, moist…the door closed again quick.

A more solid thump against the door. More hushed whispers behind the wood.

What was going on in the bathroom?

Another push. Another slivery crack in the door, closed faster this time. A giggle, a movement, a knock from inside the bathroom. Feline, female sound…

A tap from outside.

Tap, tap, tap.

“I just want to watch.”

The hallway was quiet.

The discussion at the table continued.


Moxy said...

:) Blessed Be.

Saradevil said...


LordJerith said...

These never fail to make we want more

Maladaahn said...

Second Performance... LOL!

Dude, it's just me, open up & let me in...

Next time we need a bigger agenda...

Moxy said...

I remember slamming the door three or four times, you dirty lock picking brown jedi

Saradevil said...

Girls can't get a little privacy anywhere.

Maladaahn said...

The Jedi simply wills the lock to be open and the lock is open.

But no worries, since the locks are being misused, next time the locks will be removed.

If you're going to bring candy you need to share with your friends...

Saradevil said...

Well, hell, if the locks get removed I guess we will have to stay against the door next time.

Maladaahn said...

Don't make me remove the doors as well!