Friday, June 24, 2011

House Party, Part 6: This is Not the End

Two people emerged from the bathroom. A third a moment later.

I was giggly with a gigantic rush of endorphins and tequila flowing through my system. I was amused, and full of devil-may-care, which seemed all too appropriate for the moment. The filthy whores had perhaps exceed our reputation more than usual. Boring, even with the opportunity to become interesting, was still just as boring.

“Brian come with me,” The Balance swooped in, grabbed Boring and dragged him to the couch.

“What have you been up to?” someone asked me.

“Foxy and I were discussing Boring's relationship, in detail. He listened. Where is my tequila?”

The Bard has been looking for me as she is about ready to go. I looked for my bottle so that I could also be ready to leave. Boring was on the couch, but Moxy was still at large. Moxy and I played cat and mouse for the next few minutes, running in and out of various quiet corners of the house to see what we could get away with in several seconds of alone time. You would be surprised how much we could get away with in several seconds, in several discreet locations and several completely indiscreet ones.

“Where is my bottle?”

“We cleaned up!” said the Jedi, with a wicked grin.

I supposed they did have enough time to clean up. It was one in the morning and time to go home. The doorbell rang. Up the stairs came the friend and erstwhile Texter to Ms. Moxy. “This is the Texter,” she introduced him to me.

I smiled. Sometimes you couldn't help but smile. I shook hands, wondered if my hands were clean, and tried to figure out how to get everything I need and say goodbye.

My own cell phone was sending me messages. The Electrician was up late and wanted to know if I was still up.

I was.

Somehow I doubted sleep was going to be hitting me anytime in the near future.

Text: Want to meet up?

Text: I’m quite drunk!

Text: Breakfast?

Text: Ooooooh breakfast!

So I decided that once I got back to the Bard’s I would go get some food and have a discussion with the Electrician. We continued to hug and say our goodbyes.

“Ms. Devil, a pleasure as always,” said the Balance with a hug.

Ms. Moxy smiled goodbye from a seat on the floor. Her Texter looked charming and somewhat confused, which could be the late hour or the random crowd of kitchen regulars.

 I was suddenly very aware of myself, very aware of smell and sound and touch and feel and taste. I was suddenly realizing that I had drank ¾ of a bottle of Jose Cuervo. I was suddenly realizing that I needed to get away from any more temptation for the night.

And so we bid the party adieu and the Bard and I left. The Bard, who had been drinking nothing but water for the last two hours would be at the wheel. She directed us down the stairs and out to Delilah. 

The city was cool and moist. The Bard drove us cleanly up the sparkling Lake Shore Drive and toward home.

I was mesmerized by the passage of twinkling lights and slipped ever further into a tequila trip of my own devising.


Maladaahn said...

Brian? LOL

Just awesome Sara!

This is not the end...

Saradevil said...

Hopefully this will encourage the Balance to have more house parties. One can hope.

Maladaahn said...

Indeed. We need to fill the house with people, stories, interaction and, like you say in the epilogue, engagement...