Thursday, June 09, 2011

Night on the Beach

Sitting in the dark along the wall on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, the night was the low-level buzz of a city mostly at sleep. Night interrupted by the occasional siren in the distance or a burst of laughter and talking. Above, the sky was a deep black far out over the lake, and as it approached the city the sky turned that sunburned orange color of city lights hitting the night sky.

Driving up the lake shore was a beautiful thing, long, dark, night-trip beautiful. On the beach was different, on the beach was more real. The lake, our land locked sea, swept out into the distance as far as the eye could see. Black glass twinkling, the night's mirror, swallowing the sky and evening and sound.

Stars twinkled overhead.

I looked up and saw clouds. Thin clouds high up in the stratosphere, the waves lapping against the shore.

The shore was dark, but morning was fast approaching, sun-up was barely a few hours away.

The sand was warm underfoot, warm underneath my hips. Hands pressed into the sandy shore, pulling up strings of silver quartz that fell through in feathers on a soft night breeze. The sky twinkled, with faint stars drowned out by the orange glow of the city.

We were quiet whispers in the night. We whispered quietly to each other, with warm sand warming our bottoms as we sat and pushed the pebbles and look up at the night. The dark brought out stories. Stories of debauchery, stories of life, stories of being children on beaches, being younger near the waves, swimming, diving…

The wind moved across the shore and we giggled at the sounds we could hear in the night. Feeling like ninjas, secure in our shadow overhang, hidden from the city behind us, exposed only to the lake that sipped and slipped in front of us.

There was epiphany in the cool night air.

A look up at the sky.

“The clouds are gone. Look they have moved away.” And the dark was dark around us. The moon had already dipped below the surface so there was nothing but the now-faint twinkle of stars.

“What time is it?”

“Early, probably four a.m.”

“Damn. It’s four a.m.”

“The sky is getting lighter.”

“Evil day ball.” Giggles.

“The clouds came back.”

A look up and the clouds were streaking again across the sky, filled now with more light picking up the sun as the Earth slid around its rotation, bringing us closer to face the glowing light.

We laughed as the world began to lighten around us, bringing with it wakefulness, destroying our ninja stealth on the shore. We snuck back through the shadows before they completely vanished and walked along cold and deserted city streets toward home.


Gryffan the ninja profile guy said...

I really need a night by the water. you have inspired me...

Saradevil said...

Get out there and do it. So worth it.