Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am too tired and drained and emotional to write you.

I know you want me to write you, and I promise it is there. I've made a list and checked it twice and probably tomorrow I will write, but at the moment the wine is too weak and my heart is too full to write.

There is family drama heaped upon family drama. Knowing looks, some anger, and resentment. Love, though, so much love.



Bike riding and baked goods...yes that too.

Trains, planes, and automobiles are covered.

Sandwiches to cheer one up, and random acts of kindnessnot deserved, but truly appreciated and hopefully repaid.





I want to write you. I know you may be angry with me for not writing, but I will write you. I have much to write about, and do not plan on letting it go amiss.

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Maladaahn said...

Love this too. Love the line:

"...the wine is too weak and my heart is too full..."

May I quote that as well?