Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rain and ROK

My return to Korea was marked by white arms, long blonde hair, and monsoon rain.

Nights on the couch, wishing that the air conditioner worked at all when the temperature was 30 degrees with 100% humidity.

I got back to the house from a long meeting in Seoul. The Irish and the One took one look at me and demanded I sleep.

“I’ll be fine.”

They tossed me into bed anyway and I was asleep before I could argue with them more. I woke up thirty minutes later, staring into the flowing canopy of the mosquito net over the bed, although July in Korea meant the net was not really necessary.

As I sat up in bed trying to reorient my brainwhich was trapped in a body that had decided not to sleepI heard a deep thundering rumble on the streets below. I looked out the picture window and saw white smoke rising up from the street. The mosquito fogger was hard at work. It was early enough that there were probably some children playing in the noxious fumes I could smell rising up and into the third floor apartment.

The rains fell and fell.

I tried to sleep again, but found myself still awake at one a.m., and again at five with no help for it. I tried to sleep, tossing and turning, but the falling rain was the trickling tick, tick, tick in my waking mind and it would not let me go.

Rain, rain, my inner five-year-old hummed. The rains keep falling down anyway.

The morning monsoon was full of thunder and lightning. I watched the sky as it crackled with light flashes and listened as thunder rolled through the valley that is Daegu city. Drip, drip, drip.

The rain fell off the buildings in waterfall-like waves. A never-ending stream constantly replenished by the moist, water-laden sky. The weather broke a little around the storm, but it was still humid and moist, retaining all the water that was tossed into it.

I hopped into the shower for my morning meeting and wondered at the irony of it.

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Maladaahn said...

We miss you Devil!