Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vinyl Willaims Shoegaze

I caught wind of a musical act coming to Daegu. The group was a young shoegaze band out of California called Vinyl Williams. I took some time to check them out on Bandcamp and was duly impressed with their work. A nice band, grooving music, and (for shoegaze) very nicely put together. I decided to pick up some tickets, even though it was a Sunday-night show.

I found out there would be presale tickets at the Holy Grill in its new location, so I walked over to find out if the rumors were true. Moose was behind the bar and happy to see me. We chatted a bit and finally worked out there were tickets. Since I was walking with the Irish we talked for a few minutes about the thought of buying one or two, and finally decided on two in case the One decided that she might want to come.

At home later there was some discussion and playing some samples for the One, who decided she would not only be interested in coming but declared the music sounded good. Score. We made plans for dinner and I spent some time listening to music and workingsince that is how I have spent the better part of the last three monthsand then, around 6:30 got dressed to head out to dinner and music.

I had always enjoyed dinner with the One, even though our relationship had been more strained than I would prefer lately. There was too much love there to completely give in to the sadness that comes when people change over time. Part of me blamed the age difference, the rest of me wondered if perhaps if I had not been generous enough. With music tickets and dinner in hand it seemed a good bet we would be able to at least bury hatchets and enjoy ourselves. Dinner was divine and included two bottles of wine, which (seeing as how I had no interest in drinking at the club we would go to) suited me just fine.

We ran down the chilly streets together arm in arm and giggling as we stumbled around 8:00 into the club and waited for the band to start. We met at the front of the bar a nice graying matron with a T-shirt, who we presumed to be perhaps the mother of one someone in the band. She was absolutely charming and we ended up picking up two shirts for the show. We took up places in the mostly empty place to wait for the main act.

The bar itself was spacious and a good place for a band. The band, itself was very well set up. With varying instruments and terribly young players, they took a great deal of time to set up. Behind the band they were flashing pretty lights and videos against the screen. A dreadlocked blonde came around with sun-kissed California lips to encourage our enjoyment. Mom made a pass again with special shoegaze glasses that we could use to view the show and make it even more trippy. The glasses, when on, made the entire room melt into a varying degree of fractals which give the wearer a feeling of tripping on acid without the work.
We bought a set and settled in for the wait. After a whileand consider that it was in fact a Sunday nightthe wait became a bit much and I finally prodded for when exactly the band would give us a start. The ticket collectors said soon, and within minutes the room was starting to fill with music. Droney, strung out, wild music. The wonderful essence of shoegaze music is that it allows for a wonderfully trippy feel while still being interesting. I was impressed that the band chose to put the vocalist in the back of the stage so the music became more of the focal point than the lyrics. The sun-kissed blonde leaned over a synthesizer and computer boards, staring at the screen through her shoegaze glasses to mix up the music.

The music swelled up, bigger, filling, a vibration that just moved through the crowd. With the shoegaze glasses we were invited to trip out and fall into the music without thinking. We spun around on faded melodies, dancing, and laughing, and giggling, and falling into each other with smiles in the dark bar. It was music for dancing to, music for swinging, spilling, and falling down into. We fell down and down, and spun into the darkness and crystal swirls of the evening as the band finished up the set.

As we spun out of the bar on whimsical lyrics, and into the dark night, we found ourselves giggling arm in arm toward cabs surrounded by diamond speckle lights and stars, and music, toward home.

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