Friday, April 06, 2012

Afternoon Favors

It all sort of began in April. Granted at had been beginning for the last 16 months and I was probably more aware of that than the parties more involved. My involvement really came about because I had been subletting in an apartment with the Irish since August of last year. Had it not been for that I might have been less involved, but I doubt it. The reality was there was no way to escape it without just not talking to the Irish at all, and that was not happening.

As it was, things were coming to a head in the relationship with the One and the One had been moved into her own place in the apartment. Which at the time seemed like the least of all evils, since it meant not kicking her out completely on her own and gave the pair some time to work out their problems. I did my best to ignore it.

Since it was April there were a smattering of birthdays coming up and the Artist had asked to come over on a weekend that happened to coincide with a birthday party. We decided to do that together as I figured it would be fun.

What was less fun was the Irish asking for a favor.

“What do you need?”

“I need you to pick up someone who is going to be doing a presentation at the meeting.”


“I can’t ask her to do it.”

Fair enough. I am a good friend so despite my desire to do nothing all day but hang out with the Artist, I agreed to help the Irish out and pick up his friend, since he was going to be out on the city doing work-related things.

The Artist arrivedlooking beautiful and lovelyaround noon. I picked her up, we walked back to our place, set the bags down, had ten seconds for a talk and then I had to spring on her my need to go and do the favor.


“I know. I’m a good friend.”

The plan was to take the new girl out to lunch and drop her off at the meeting, and then the two of us would slip off to enjoy the rest of our day together. It seemed like a really good plan at the time. The Irish had presented Indian as an option, so that it what I was asked to deliver.

The Artist walked with me back to the station to pick up the Presenter. We went to the lunch place, but it turned out to be closed so I went with a backup plan: a little Italian place I  knew down the road. The only problem was the place had changed ownership, and sadly the new owners did not do half as good a job with the meal. Between that and the conversation with the Presenter my day felt like it was quickly going downhill. Fortunately for me the Artist saved the day with her uncanny ability to hold a conversation with complete strangers. I watched, mesmerized, as she managed to dance a line of double entendre and scandal but never pushing things so far that you would begin to suspect that what she was actually talking about was anything other than what she was saying. I envied her causal ease as I still had trouble having conversations with strangers, most especially those I might see again in a professional setting.

We walked the Presenter over to the meeting and suffered the drama of trying to get the meeting hall open, and then, because it was a meeting where I was pretty well known, I had to make the rounds and put on my game face for another thirty minutes while making my apologies to the organizers so I could escape shortly after the start. As soon as the Presenter began to talk the Artist and I slipped hand in hand out the back and down the stairs, giggling into the just-blooming cherry blossoms.

The Artist was becoming somewhat of an inspiration to me, in both her heady beauty, her unabashed manner of speaking, and her take-hostages approach to life. The take-hostages part was that she absolutely refuses to have to compromise to get what it was she would like to have; it was enviable, hard to understand, and amazing to be a part of. I enjoyed being wrapped in her envelope. She’d perhaps say the same things about me, as I could be pretty to-the-point as well. If anything we complemented each other with time spent together. I suppose this was why I enjoyed spending so much time with her.

Indeed, she had become a larger and larger part of my last year, and I would have to have more attention focused on her when she was here.

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