Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Comedy of Couchly Delights

I walked with her, arm in arm, into the apartment. We were giggling girls. I offered her some wine, and she said yes. It was early afternoon and the sun was shining through the windows, giving the entire apartment a soft glow.

“Let’s get comfortable.” I said.

Comfortable soon turned into naked and we stayed in my bed with rope and fingers and busy tongues with all the fun slippery wet moistness that you would expect from two girls who were so desperately into each other and who have had to prolong their desire for many more hours than either wanted.

I buried my head deep in her, drinking in her taste and smell, while her hands worked into my hair, pulling me back up to her lips, her breasts. We rolled around on my bed, leaving messy sheets and uncovered corners of mattress and oily trails of slippery female around each other.

“That wine.”

We caught our breath and I went and poured us two glasses of red and we walked around the apartment talking. It was so lovely to have such a big space and to have it all alone, especially when I was heady with her taste and the wine, and the early evening, and thinking about the night to come. We sipped the wine and danced around the apartment, talking, girl talk in the soft light.

Her presence was arousing and I couldn't help wanting more of her. Even as we sparred back and forth with conversation and sipped glasses of dark red wine, I wanted to drink her up again.

“Your flatmate is going to be home soon.”

“So?” I asked her as I pushed her down against the arm of the couch and found her neck with my teeth.

“She is going to walk in on us while we are on the couch.”

“So?” I asked again as I moved lower and uncovered her most perfectly shaped breasts and pulled them out from under a handmade silk kimono.

I think she may have protested again, but the urgency of my leg between hers, and my hand in her hair, and my lips on her lips was enough to distract me from further protests. We were deep into each other again when I heard the door open. The flatmates and I had agreed at a meeting earlier that if we were in common areas we had no right to expect privacy. I figured that was fair enough. I also figured that seeing as how we were pretty well engaged with each other my flatmate would mostly likely just go to her room and leave us alone.

Perhaps I should have rushed us off to my room, but we were busy.

Then we were aware of someone standing over our heads.

Standing very close.

Watching very closely.

Practically participating with their voyeurism, and while this amused the exhibitionist in me, I was also a bit caught off guard when the conversation started.

 “So how are you?”

I looked into the eyes of the girl in my arms, the girl who was dripping down my thigh, with hands wrapped around my back, the girl who was really distracting my attention from any kind of reasoned conversation.

“Busy,” I replied.

“How as your day?”

Seriously? It was all I could think. Is she seriously trying to have a conversation with me right now?

“Long.” I replied. I thought to try to cut off any more conversation by diving teeth first into the small hollow of the neck underneath my fingers and burying myself in waves of long brown hair and pleasant smell.

“Did you get a lot done today?”

You have got to be kidding me, I thought. You have seriously got to be kidding me.

The girl under my hands began to giggle, and I felt my desire cool just a touch.

“Not really,” I replied. I really couldn’t get mad at the flatmate, as I had taken this particular risk when I decided to pick up with my shenanigans on the couch. I was trying to be polite, but I really hadn’t expected her to invite herself in for a conversation. If anything, I expected an awkward moment and then for her to walk off to her room while we finished up.


“The weather was really nice today, don’t you think? It’s starting to get warmer.”

Right. At that point I realized that the nipple under my hand deserved more attention and resumed with a renewed ardor. What it was I had been doing when the flatmate came in? I stopped responding. Not that it stopped the conversation from being one-sided from her. Finally she walked off onto the porch, but continued to add comments as she walked in and out of the room around us.

Right, done. I grabbed the girl and the wine, and we went back to my room and finished what had been started there before cleaning up and getting ready for the rest of our evening. We finished the bottle with tastes of each other in between, and then there were hot showers, hot kissing, and dangerous formalwear as we prepared for a lovely expensive dinner celebration with others.

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