Saturday, May 05, 2012

Books and Food

To my surprise I was successfully able to crash the book fair with my bootleg pass. This amused me to think that I was in Chicago, crashing a book fair, and it was totally worth itsince we had already invested a lot into getting there. It didn’t seem to bother anyone else there, so I was happy to go with it. My only concern was to not get arrested and that seemed to be happening, so I was happy to go with it.

The book fair was massive. In fact, it was so massive that it filled all of McCormick Place pretty easily, which was a surprise to me. While the show was there to fill the hall, in reality the part I was most interested in was the exhibition hall where things were being sold. The vendors were the people I needed to meet, explore, and talk to, and that was where I needed to be. Partly because I needed to do market research and see what was out there and partly because I needed to meet the movers and shakers and talk with them about products.

And that is what we did. For the next two days it was all running around and meeting vendors and pitching wares, and taking pictures of things that I needed to remember for later.

It was work. The work part went well.

The fun was afterward, having my business partner in the city of Chicago. My city, my home, so happy. We discussed during our running about the possibility of dinner to which I just had to recommend that we go and eat out because Chicago was a great place for going and eating out. The first night after the conference we hit a really nice little Italian place that was down Jackson just in front of DePaul. The food was brilliant and I’d learned a lot about ordering things to suit my diet and make myself happy since I had been there last. We had wine, discussed the business, and I took the trains home.

It was agreed that food in Chicago was good. The next night we hit the same place again, (with food as good as the first night), and the last night we took a trip over to Tavern on the Green, across from Millennium Park to indulge our food cravings further. I’d taken him to a couple of other places, but since he never really left the downtown area I did not have as much of an opportunity as I would have liked to really show him the taste of Chicago. As it were, where we went sufficed.

With the book show completed, our missions accomplished, talking done, minimal interest in projects shown, and a few leads obtained, we were good to go, with him heading back to Korea, and me finishing my wind-down in the U.S.

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