Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Ninja Wedding and Afterparty

As we piled into the car it was still cloudy, but there was no rain. As we drove down, the same. When we got to the point, the weather co-operated, but if you live in Chicago you know everything is “cooler near the lake” and today that meant a gale-force wind and a ten-degree temperature difference. This would have been fine except that I was wearing a skimpy little sundress and not much else, leaving me covered in goose bumps, with nipples so cold they could cut glass, and tears in my eyesnot so much from the wedding as from the wind whipping across my eyeballs. These are the things you endure to be the best girl-in-waiting,  or whatever my particular honor was. Mostly I was the person that set it all in motion.

At the park we met the Priest, who greeted the party announcing only one caveat to the ceremony. The Priest lived in the area so he was very familiar with the park. Perhaps, overly familiar.

“The only thing I ask,” he said as we prepared for the wed-n-dash, “is that we have to find a place where I have not had sex to do the ceremony.” The second was, “Okay, I may not have noticed this before, but I just have to ask, have your breasts always been that amazing?” This was to the Bride, who was quite happy to admit that her breasts had indeed always been so fantastic.

“Well done, son,” the Priest said to the Groom, who could only smile like a kid who was about to rob the candy store and get to keep everything he took.

And with that we were off hunting for an edge of park that did not bring back joyfully debauched memories of the Priest. Along the  way we took some pictures of our ninja antics to illustrate the wedding. All of us were in running shoes, ready to dash out of the park at the first hint of trouble.

We managed to find a nice spot with the city in the background, and the ceremony was just absolutely gorgeous, if cold and windy. Young Kubrick, acting in role of photo hero, took the amazing pictures. Beautiful rings were exchanged along with beautiful words, and everything went as smoothly as you could want a ninja wedding to go. As it ended we packed up quickly and did indeed dash off, back to awaiting chariots and the seafood feast prepared to warm our cold bones.

The dinner was perfect, with mountains of shrimp and crab to gorge ourselves on. We had plenty of wine too. Eventually it came time to give presents to the Priest, and this was where the happy couple had really outdone themselves. The Bard had called me early in the week for some ideas about the most appropriate gift, which interestingly enough reminded me of a little shop not far from where she used to live.

“They have all sorts of things. Imports. Tribal goods, lots of interesting stuff. If they are still open that would be the place to go.”

The Bard went on a store hunt and sure enough, not only was the store still there but it had the perfect gift for the Priest. What she found was a hand-carved walking staff with tribal embellishments and paintings made out of the most sumptuous-feeling wood.

As it was presented the Priest smiled and his eyes twinkled with a wicked light as he thought of all the ways in which this gift was most appropriate. After that the party wound down into looking at wedding pictures, spending time alone in bedrooms and general mellowing with bellies full of seafood. As the night grew longer I began to pine for my own Boy, and before the evening was out I'd called him and arranged for a pick-up in Chicago. I fell asleep happily in his warm arms, preparing once again for the long wash of leaving, packing, and rushing about that embodies a great deal of time between places.

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