Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Around the Boyhood House of Goethe

We moved through the rest of the museum, which included furniture, some really exquisite paintings, and pieces donated from various collections. Unfortunately my fetish for art required that sometimes I wanted  to get close enough to see the fingerprints in  the paint, which apparently truly frustrated the Fräuleins in charge of the museum, as several times the intercom came on to remind us not to get too close. After the third time I started to wonder if it was just me, as I thought I was behaving. Time was moving fast, though, so we walked out of the museum and over toward the house proper.

We went on from there to check out the house, which was in a word: awesome. The garden alone was worth the price of admission, and I really wanted to go up and sit on one of Goethe’s benches, but I was almost positive I would get yelled out. The trees were lush and beautiful. There was ivy growing on the walls and just above the tallest wall in the garden you could see the modern skyline of Frankfurt peaking out over the quiet sitting area where you could just imagine Goethe conjuring his ideas that would eventually become Mephistopheles.

The Engineer took me into the house and helped me to walk up and down the stairs, as at this point I was finding it very hard to navigate steps. My ankle was very much giving out, and it was only getting worse with the greater amount of time spent on my feet. As we were in the house the time was fast counting down and we found that we only had about fifteen minutes to move through. So up we moved, past beautiful antique kitchens, ovens, metal stoves, sitting desks, dining sets, libraries, portraits, and upright pianos in the most fascinating way. The house was exquisite; the sort of place I could imagine living: beautiful, antique, and inspiring. The time was too short, but we managed to climb up to around the fourth floor before the bells finally rang us down and we decided it was time to head outward into Frankfurt and off to something else.

“If you think your feet will make it to the river, I have some ideas for dinner.”

“All right; that should be fine. I’m pretty easy.”

And so after grabbing my bags we walked off into the streets of Frankfurt in search of food.

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