Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cosplay Saturday

Sadly, the pain did not go away. The day before my feet were so sore I completed a stretching mat aerobic routine for my workout, but today my leg really hurt, and my ankle was throbbing; all of which were signs that something was not so good. The silver lining was that it was Saturday, which meant the BizP was leaving around three for his flight home, giving me my first open evening of the book fair, which I was looking forward to. The other silver lining was that Saturday was hobbit cosplay day.

One of the things I discovered with my magic app was that the bookfair was having a hobbit cosplay event to celebrate the upcoming Hobbit movie. I was gonna be all over that like a Korean on kimchi. I mentioned it to the BizP (who was also a Hobbit fan), but the day sort of went sideways. With the magic app I was able to pull up some more targets for the BizP to mingle with, so he sent me off to go and take pictures of the hobbits while he worked the last of the floor for as much time as he could. I went off in search of the hobbits, but did not find them.

What I did discover, however, was that Saturday was not just hobbit cosplay day, it was COSPLAY DAY EXTRAORDINAIRE. There was so much cosplay that it was easy to lose a hobbit in there. It was magical sexy cosplay day, so while I did not get pictures of hobbits I did get as many pictures as I could of sexy cosplay. I have to admit the crowds went all out, and the cosplay was really well done. Great costumes, lots of teams and themes going on; it was really fun to watch. Then I had an emergency text sending me into hall three (again) to “get any large bag you can grab” and meet the BizP back over at the IBP stand. Hall three was the place where most of the public events were taking place that day, so it was the last place on earth that I wanted to be, but I got in, and after about a half hour managed to get a bag and head back to hall eight for the final wrap up.

Books and things were collected, goodbyes were said, and I was informed that I would be working on Sunday (after I had arranged to be free on Sunday for some personal touring of Germany). This annoyed me, but I took heart in knowing that on Saturday night I had a date and no curfew. I figured I could deal with coming back to the fair one last time, even if I didn’t want to.

My date for the evening was a rather friendly German chap who I had met through a social networking site when I was looking for someone to be a guide in Germany. I had expected more people to respond, but he was the only one who chatted me up and offered to show me around. Turns out we were both busy people and the only night we mutually had free was Saturday night. This worked out well and the plan was to meet at Frankfurt station around three and go from there.

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