Monday, October 22, 2012

Pain, Pain, Go Away

That night I had no plans for what I was going to do in the city, which in hindsight was foolish, as I ended up really lost in Frankfurt. I started walking and managed to walk much further than the first night, stumbling upon a very pretty square with a very pretty statue fountain in it. I went to take pictures of the fountain and then ended up going down a different street than the one I was originally heading for. I really had trouble getting the names of things to work with my brain, so after two more turns I was quite thoroughly lost.

I managed to stumble around the old opera house, which I got a picture of, but in reality what I wanted was food. Somehow my feet took me back to the nice place I had been the night before, but they were closed for a private party. I kept walking and looking and actually started to get pretty desperate until I finally stumbled on a place that was open, which at that point was my only requirement.

During the endless death march my leg started to hurt. My ankle was already shot and I had basically been bracing it since day one, but now my leg was twitching and burning in the upper thigh muscle, which was making me limp more than I wanted. There was a lot of pain, and the funny walking was starting to have an effect on my right leg as well. I was hoping that a night of sleep would sort the legs out, so after having some nice dinner I hopped into a cab before any more catastrophe could enter my evening.

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