Friday, October 19, 2012

Plan of Attack

Day two was much like day one with a few minor differences. First, after working out and showering (because apparently I didn't count walking for almost 12 hours as enough exercise) I downloaded the Frankfurt book fair app, did research on what a trade show was and how to work it, and marked places in my tour guide. In other words, I had a MOTHERFUCKING PLAN!

When I have a plan I am scary. As with goals, I have shit to accomplish and accomplish shit I did.

I realized after day one that my BizP’s plan of “Just go look for shit” was not going to fly. Thanks to the app I could sort by hall and keyword and target the fuck out of what I wanted. Not only that but I got a map (which I had desperately wanted) of the book fair and was able to understand the color-coding system. If I wanted to go visit someone, I typed their name into the app and found those motherfuckers so I could fucking visit the fuck out of them. With the app I owned the book fair. I dominated that bitch so hard that by the middle of day two, the BizP was text messaging me asking for stall numbers and directions, and I delivered hardcore.

In less than 12 hours I had completely reversed the uncoordinated attack of the previous day and the BizP was impressed, which was important, because the previous day he had not been impressed with my performance and was questioning the value of flying me out. The reality was, that in less than 24 hours I knew more about the book fair than the BizP had ever known in four trips, and not only was the BizP impressed, but so was the wife.

“Why didn’t we know this? Sara is first time and she already know more than I ever knew!”

I had redeemed myself. Plan accomplished.

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