Saturday, October 13, 2012

So, There is This Little Bookfair Happening?

While I had looked up the bookfair, downloaded an app for the bookfair, generally tried to acclimate myself for the bookfair, nothing…nothing could have prepared me for the book fair. Nine halls of books, every country on the planet represented, wave after wave of country, and language and dialect, and this is what I was getting into. Easily two miles of nothing but bookfair. And after spending almost all of those nine hours on my feet I was getting cranky and tired and wanting to do anything but book fair.

One my first meetings was with the IBizP. The IBizP was an oft-talked about BizP of the BizP and so I knew that meeting would be an imperative. In perhaps a drunken moment the evening before, I anticipated that the IBizP would most likely want to hang out with me, as I have that effect on people, but the BizP shrugged it off. Understandable really; the BizP has never been a Puerto Rican woman, and I have. Also, my ass is fantastic (this will not come as news to those of you who really know me). So, upon being told we’d need to meet the IBizP, I expressed my reservations. These were not in vain. Fortunately I had 8,000 miles of bookfair to deal with before anything else could happen.

Can you imagine being bored with books? You would have to be so totally overwhelmed by them that books themselves seemed  almost entirely incidental. Such was the effect of the bookfair. So many books, so much book, there was simply nothing but book and I was immersed in it.

It was at the same time the singlemost erotic book experience I have ever had and the most exhausting. And all of this, was only the beginning.

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