Friday, October 12, 2012

Traveling To and Frauline

I met the BizP after getting off a very long flight for my first time in Europe. It’s funny; being in Europe felt in some ways like being in America except everyone spoke the wrong language. Which was sort of how I felt about traveling to Japan, oddly.

I got off a thirteen-hour flight and was instructed to look for the person holding a card with my name, and possibly the name of one other party. I did so, and in the end had to look twice because they were holding a sign with my first name and middle name, not my last name, which was damned confusing. However, it made perfect sense in the end.

The nice German who greeted me grabbed my bag and took me outside as quickly as he possibly could. Once outside, he stood there and looked at me.

And waited.

I looked at him.

“Do you need anything?” he asked.

“Not really. Some coffee maybe would be nice.”

“Okay, we can go to the restaurant. Unless you need to go to the apartment. We can go to the apartment and drop your bags and then go to the restaurant. Unless you need to shower. What do you need to do?”

I thought about it. In the end I wasn't really sure.

“I’m fine to just go to the restaurant.”

“Okay.” He paused a moment. “It’s just, the Koreans; they usually like to go straight outside. After the flight they really need a cigarette.”

“No; I’m just fine.”

We got in the car and I put in my bags and grabbed a seat in the front. The landscape reminded me of New Jersey, which was a compliment (and if you don’t realize that you have never driven through the really nice parts of Jersey). We drove mostly in silence except for the music which was, of course, Don Henley.

He dropped me off at the apartment, taking my bag and walking briskly, which meant a jogging Saradevil as he was a good 6’3 . I managed to catch up, get introduced to the key system, and get into the room. I would sleep in, (essentially the living room). It was fine. I changed, because I was meeting people at the restaurant, and then hopped back out the door in under four minutes.

We drove a short distance down the road and the location and walk back were explained. I tried to note landmarks in the darkening day but failed, being totally tired from my thirteen-hour flight, and mostly unready to spend an entire day working when I felt like I’d spent an entire day traveling.

When I got to the restaurant, it was (as I should have suspected) Korean. The BizP met me there with the wife, and we had some dinner before going back to the apartment for sleeping and preparing for the book fair.

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