Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Adventures in Eating

The thing about being low carb was I really had to plan all the time for eating out anywhere. However, the Boy (currently in country) wanted to go out for dinner, which I agreed to. I was happy to not have to cook, but annoyed at being put on the spot for picking a restaurant. After thinking about it all day I decided on the new Italian place downtown. I worked out like a madwomen and then engaged in heading out.

We packed into the cab, talked about the varying decisions I am making in my career and finally arrived at the restaurant. Since the low-carb thing I'd gotten very picky about where I went. As a result, I knew all the chefs really well and they all had special dishes just for me. It worked, it also usually resulted in certain free things and lots of happy treatment. Of course, a core requirement was that wherever I went I had to have good wine.

The smell of the restaurant as we walked in was awesome. And it was busy. Really busy. Annoyingly busy. It is a small place. It was very busy.

Then my favorite waitress saw me.

"Hello! Oh...oh no."

This did not bode well.

"How many?"

"Just the two of us."

"Oh no."


"We have a party....and there are five people..." There was a moment of happiness and sadness. The happiness was that on a Tuesday night the place was hopping busy. The sadness was that the place was fast being discovered which meant it was going to get harder and harder to get a table.

"How long do you think?"

She just started smiling and shaking her head. This did not bode well. So we ended up walking out and down the street to the backup restaurant.

"Is it any good?" he asked me.

"I don't know; I don't want to go there."

"Why not? You said it was your second choice."

"It was, but also, I haven't been there so I automatically hate it."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"It does to me."

We entered the much larger and much emptier place. I didn't know the menu, and that was the primary reason for my unhappiness; however, the house wine was a nice French number, so I decided I could manage. Until, of course, the first thing I decided to order on the menu is not available.

I thought.

I thought some more.

After a while I ordered two things and figured I'd just have to deal with the fact that it would be a bit carb heavy. The food was fine, the wine did make it okay, and in the end it was not an entire loss to the evening. And, while annoying, I did at least find one more restaurant that I could sort-of eat at when I couldn't get into my favorite one.

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