Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boobs for Good

“What do we want for dinner?”

“You are the one with the impossible diet.”

“I’m being flexible tonight,” I responded.

“Margaritaville?” the Kiterunner suggested.

“I’d rather use my breasts for the power of good not evil,” I shot back. I had a small problem with the Ville ever since one of the waiters fell in love with me. While it had advantages ( like never having to worry about getting a seat) the disadvantage was me feeling a bit like I was leading the poor man on.

“Other ideas?”

“French?” From the Editor.

“Ate there last night.” The Boy and I had eaten a fancy French dinner. I enjoyed it; he was mostly amused because I enjoyed spending way too much money on really good food.

“The Salad bar?” I tossed back. The Editor had introduced me to the Salad bar and I had become a fan of their very tasty chicken salads.

“Does anyone know if there is a rugby game tonight? If there is it will be full.”

We all looked at the Irish.

“Don’t look at me, I have no idea. I didn’t even know it was rugby season.”

“You are a discredit to your people,” I piped in.

“I try,” he responded, all charm.

“Well, let’s try it anyway, it will be an adventure.” I remember that line. Somehow it always felt like famous last words, but we ponied up and began the bitter cold walk through the streets of Itaewon toward the Salad bar.

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