Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conversations Over Hoity-Toity Food

The Boy took me to a hoity-toity dinner the day before Valentine's day, because really, who actually wants to have dinner on Valentine's day?

We got there and he played with the little forks and spoons and all the assorted knickknacks of a fancy dinner.

"I'm pretty sure I don't need five forks."

"They are for the different courses."

"You know if you just mixed them all together you could save yourself a lot of time and trouble."

"Does it smell like grape juice?"

"It smells like very good wine."

"You mean very bad grape juice that has gone off."

"No, I mean it has aged just right and it smells wonderful."

"You know, there is something wrong with this dish."

"Why is that?"

"It is a salad."

"Yes, it's good for you."

"It appears to have fruit in it."

"Fruit is good for you, too."

"Salads should not have fruit. It tricks people into thinking a salad is food."

"Salads are food."

"They are bringing the ice cream a little early, don't you think?"

"That's not ice cream, that's sherbert. It's a palate cleanser."

"Wouldn't it be faster to just bring soap and water? That will get your palate and your plate clean."


I love my boy. 

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