Saturday, February 09, 2013

Late Night Phone Calls

I had been on the couch most of the day with my love. Granted we left the house to eat, stop two being the restaurant I couldn't get into last Tuesday. We had good food. Spent the rest of the evening on the couch, which seemed like the best possible way to spend an evening.

I had wine, a boy, a dog, and a very good television show to watch forever and ever and ever. It was very domestic, actually. Although it was not really late or early; it was around midnight and I was getting ready to go to bed when my phone lit up.

I looked at the screen.


You had to wonder what it said about your life when your bartender called you at midnight on a Saturday. Were people worried about my mental health? Or my liver? Or both?

"Hi Hyun, what's up?"

"Sara, where are you?"

"I'm at home."


I didn't really know how to answer that question.

"What's up, Hyun?"

"Do you know about the Sasquatch?"

"The big hairy American monster that lives in the woods, or the music festival?"

"Music festival."

"Yeah, but I probably can't go this year." Two years ago I had tickets for Sasquatch that I had to sell because I was taking a job in New York. The job in New York was awesome and I had no regrets, but I was upset at not making the festival.

"Yeah, I want to go; can you get me a ticket?"

"When do they go on sale?"

"Like tonight, but I can't get a ticket. The lineup is amazing!"

"Okay Hyun, I'll look into it in the morning."

At that, I hung up and promptly went and passed out. I was up past my bedtime anyway. And like a diligent barfly I woke up the next morning and looked into tickets for the show. Then I tried to call Hyun for about five hours, but like a good bartender he didn't get up until four or five in the afternoon.

"Hey Sara, what's up! Did you get the tickets?"

"I looked into it."


I explained the situation which was basically that he needed to buy the ticket and get international will call, but the way they were doing it you had to present a photo ID and the credit card of purchase to get a will-call ticket, so I couldn't buy it.

"Damn, but how did you get in?"

Right. The presale for the show was locked unless you had a password. I had a password.

"Here is the password."

"Wow, that is amazing; you should go."

"I'll look at the lineup and let you know."

I never should have looked at the lineup. Now I wanted to go more than anything in the world, but with the way things were going to go down over the next few days it was probably out. We shall see.

I really wanted to go.

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