Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Running and Meeting and Dodging

Today I got to have a very unpleasant conversation after a day of being in meetings all day without food. This was becoming a trend and not one that I was overly fond of. The good news was that thanks to my low-carb diet I didn't actually get many hunger pangs, although my stomach did toil and trouble. The bad news was that not knowing I was hungry kept me from eating, which truly made my mood foul as the day wore on.

"I haven't eaten today."

"That's not good," he said to me.

"Yeah, I think..." I trailed off. I did this several times during the conversation. My brain felt like mush, and with the lack of food and nutrients I felt like I couldn't think. The world was a stupid fog. All I had was a bottle of water in my pocket.

"I need to eat something."

"How about duck?"

"Can't wait, food, I'll think of something."

I hung up, I liked the duck restaurant, and the one he recommended was a good one, but like many Korean-style barbecue places, you had to cook your own food; in the state of mind that I was in I was fairly sure that I could not wait for the duck to cook. Then I had an idea.

"Okay, my train gets in at 18:39, what about at 18:20 you go to the duck place and order food?"

"And then it will be cooking by the time you get there."


"Got it."

The plan almost worked out. I ran across four lanes of traffic as I neared the duck place to find one boy, one Irishman, and one empty grill.

"She's bringing it out now."


I ate some salad and waited. When the magical try of raw duck did come it was practically dumped on the grill all at once. I waited.

It cooked.

Never was I so happy to know that food was done, but as soon as I was fairly sure that I would not get food poisoning from raw duck, I was all in. And it was, actually, pretty awesome.

I needed to stop having eight-hour meetings without food.

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