Monday, February 18, 2013

Still Hungry, Still Wandering

Adventures, indeed. The bar was packed, answering before we could even get in that it was in fact a rugby night. The Editor knew the owner, so a few pleasantries and many apologies were offeredincluding the possibility of kicking some people out of seatsbut we decided against that and filed back into the cold street.


The Editor was thinking; she knew Itaewon a bit more than the rest of us.

“I got a place. It’s not too far, but I know they won’t be really busy.”

Not really busy appealed, and so we all trailed along after her as she walked through the streets and led us on our way. I chitchatted with her as the Irish talked to the Kiterunner. Mostly our mouths were running to keep us from thinking about how cold we were, as it was bitterly cold and we didn’t want to think about it. A hop, skip, and ten-minute walk later and we were headed up to the second-floor dart bar.

“The food is a little hit or miss, but they have booze and it’s warm.”

“This is fine,” we practically said in unison as she introduced us to the bar. We would do well here. We walked into the brightly lit bar and right into the middle of a Journey marathon.

“I love Journey!” from the Irish as he began to sing and dancealong with occasionally touching himself. Right.

We ordered a variety of food, listened to the 80’s music selection that was being played, and talked. We discussed more politics, looked forward a little to the future, speculated what would happen, and what we would all do. There was something magical about sitting around with a group of people in their thirties and forties and pondering the question of what we would all do with our lives. At some point, long ago, we gave up ever finding out when we would become adults. We still wanted to know what we would do when we grew up.

The hours ticked away and it was getting closer to showtime for Dirty Beaches.

“Should we go?” I asked the Editor.

“Now would be good. It’s not too far, but if we go now we can get good seats.”

We bundled up and chased after her into the cold, one more time, down the narrow back alleys of Itaewon.

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