Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Adevnture Begins

We found the Moon Night tucked into an alley where we would not have expected it. The first band was going on sometime between ten or eleven. The website was very unclear. We passed a foreigner in a T-shirt on the way in and I wondered if he was also going to the show. The bar was in the basement and the walls glowed a solid blue as we went down. Beyond the doors, to the inside, a black marble slab bar greeted us, set awash in the glint of light of a hundred bottles of alcohol on the shelves, and a mix of blue and violet lighting from around the bar.

The bar was, of course, totally empty.

“Do we have the right place?” the Editor asked.

“Yes; it said Moon Night all over everything.”

“Guys, I am not sure this is it,” from the Kiterunner.

“Are you here for show?” asked the barman.

There was a momentary wash of relief as I responded, “Yes, I should be on the will call.”

“Yeah, show cancelled, no show here.”

“Wait, what? No…That’s…”

At this point we were not the only foreigners piling into the bar staffed by a young bar man and a very cute-looking transgendered girl.

“What do you mean it’s cancelled? I have tickets,” The South African girl who had just come in shouted.

“I’m getting a beer.” The Irish went to sit in a corner booth. We followed  him in as he grabbed a table and we discussed what could possibly be going on. This required three out of the four of us to pull up our smart phones and go fishing on the web to try to find out what exactly was going on.

The Irish went off to chat up some of the other foreigners while the rest of us fussed about with our Korean and tried to get it sorted. The Kiterunner eventually pulled up phone numbers and made some calls, and between that and very recently updated information on the web we figured that the show has been moved.

To a location with exactly the same name.

On the other side of Seoul.

“What should we do?” Eyes turned to me.

“I’m gonna get a drink and talk to the bar and find out what happened.”

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