Friday, February 15, 2013

The Suit is the Thing

I kicked the Boy out of bed at six a.m. for the flight, even though he didn't get to bed until three. The point being that there would be one hopefully very tired and sleepy man on a plane who could basically just sleep through the flight until landing back in Chicago.

For the flight, one suit had been purchased. Granted, the suit purchase was also because a suit was needed in general. Nice black suit, good fit, looked fine. I snapped several pictures of the Boy in the suit.

"Oh yes, that is very much either a statesmen or used-car dealer. I can't decide."

He was not amused. When he sat down to put on his socks he complained,  "And now it's too tight."

"Babe, you have to unbutton your jacket before you sit down."

"Or the jacket could just be the right size and I wouldn't have to unbutton it."

"No, no, it's a thing. You have to learn to do it; here, watch. See, shake my hand; now use your left hand to casually unbutton your jacket so you can smoothly sit down. It will look like magic."

He paused.

"What if I unbutton my pants instead?"

"That will be less magical."

I stood across from the turnstile until his elevator to the train disappeared. I didn't want to do anything else that day. 

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