Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Times They Are a-Changin'

Being in Korea almost eleven years I have seen a lot of things come and go in Korea; however, some things I generally expect to stay the same. I figured I could always count on a DVD bang. The DVD bang, the classic Korean go-to place with a big screen, projection TV, and convenient selection of movies that start when you want them to start for a reasonable cost. Also, it was the cheap, easy way to rent a two-hour room, which was a favorite of college students who needed a place to get it on for two hours.

They keep the places clean and they have good sound systems, so even with the potential for weird, it was a nice way to experience a movie when you needed to. The goal was to go to dinner, and then go to a DVD bang to watch the final installment of the Harry Potter movie series. I had seen it, but a certain boy had not seen it. I managed to get a copy of us to watch at the house, but, considering how awesomely epic the last movie is, going out to see it seemed like a nice thing.

After dinner, I walked confidently into downtown to the DVD bang that I frequently walked by on the way to my regular coffee place. Then we walked in: signs where there, Harry Potter, all things pointed to yes. And then...

You know your Korean is getting better when...

"That sign says this is not a DVD bang," I said to the Boy.

"Yep; that sign says game center."


"Where do we go?"

"I've got no idea. I'm sure we can find another one pretty easily."

That is what I thought. It used to be in Korea you couldn't throw a cup of coffee without hitting a DVD bang (keep in mind there are about five thousand coffee shops in Korea, so that makes sense). Suddenly, on a Tuesday night in the middle of downtown Daegu, I could not find a DVD bang. That seemed not right.

So I asked a Korean, because that seemed like the right thing to do. She wasn't sure either.

Cold, raining, lack of DVD bang and Harry Potter delay.

We walked about eight blocks in the rain before we finally found a DVD bang. It was smaller than I had remembered, but still had a big screen and comfortable couch. After some deep searching we even found a copy of the Harry Potter movie in question.

It was nice; it reminded me of my first year in Korea, but it also made me appreciate how fast traditions change. Where would I go to enjoy a movie in my own private theater? Where would the college students go to get it on...?

I sometimes tire of changing.

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