Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Fire Over Daegu

The downstairs bar looked like a dungeon. We ordered martinis. Hers was dirty and mine was pure, which seemed sort of the other way around when you thought about it. 

“I see something,” she said and disappeared. 

I stood and admired the façade. The entire place looked like a dungeon, I could see bringing people there  for just that aspect of the place. The food was good, but much too expensive for many people I know. However, the beautiful, subtle, dungeon-like nature of the bar was awesome. It was purple and blue and changed colors. 

She came back to me eventually. 

“There's a fire.”


“Fire; bring your drink and come with me.”

And so I did. I walked out with her outside into the very chilly Daegu night, onto a balcony that overlooked the strip. It was pretty and lit up in a flame that provided no warmth but a great deal of décor. 

We indulged ourselves and took pictures. 

“We should come again.”

“With you, always,” I replied. We smiled and stole a kiss on the balcony before heading back in.

I looked almost Egyptian in all our photos. 

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