Saturday, March 02, 2013

Wine Buffet Aftermath

I couldn't move.

Mostly, I felt like I was stuck. I felt disoriented and very much like I was still a little drunk. Okay, I was probably very muchyes, still drunk.

I'm on a couch, my brain started to compute through the cloud. Right. I'm in Seoul. We had wine buffet last night. Editor. Right, I'm in the kitchen. I'm naked in the kitchen. Where the hell are my clothes?

My eyes finally managed to open and in the dim streetlight-illuminated kitchen I saw my clothes in a pile. There was a bottle of water next to me. I took a drink. Sweet merciful ambrosia. I located the bathroom and stumbled toward it from the kitchen, still naked. Years on the road living in other people's houses have made me worry less about this than I probably should. I saw a dim clock shining in the corner. Before 5:30 a.m. I came out of the bathroom and grabbed my clothes, slipping back into things and getting back on the leather couch.

I should go back to sleep, I thought.


I closed my eyes.

Not happening.

I guess I"ll get the early train, I have a meeting anyway.

So I packed up, put on anything I was missing, got myself into some more clothing, and headed out the door. Just as I was getting ready to leave, I heard a strained "Sara?"

"Yeah, I'm here."

"Where are you going?" the Editor sounded about as groggy as I felt.

"I figured I was going to go and take the train out. Can't sleep and I have to work today anyway."

"I have to work, too. I think I'm still drunk!"

"Yeah, I know."

"What happened last night?"

"We had a good time."

"I woke up on the floor. What happened?"

"When you left you went to bed. You were definitely in bed."

"No, I woke up on the floor. My boy was in bed and he was curled up with the puppy."

We both started giggling.

"I'm still wearing my clothes from yesterday."

We giggled some more. The puppy came out to say goodbye and then I took off for the trains. We continued to send messages at each other as we were going.

"Oh, I am never going to drink again. Worst hangover ever!"

"You slept on the floor! It was awesome."

"Never again."

"We'll do this again, soon."


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