Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 of 'Em. And a Korean.

There was the long dark tea time of the soul (thank you Douglas Adams) after the Irish and I came home to find the apartment had been robbed and the place vacated by the former One/girlfriend/object of affection. She was gone.

The place was a little bit happier for her leaving, but the aftermath was a nuclear meltdown of epic proportions that hit both the Irish and I hard for about a month to follow. After replacing half the furniture in the place and living through the heat of early summer, the Irishbeginning to put the pieces back togetherlooked at me one lingering Saturday night.

"Let's go out," he said. This was the first time he had expressed an interest in leaving the apartment to do anything other than go to a work function in close to a month and a half, so I was happy to support him in his desire to go into downtown Daegu and see what kind of trouble we could get into. After his seven-year relationship ended, it had been a while since he had gone out to do anything other than have a beer and hang with friends, and it seemed like it might be fun to see what there was. Granted, neither of us was really in much of a state of mind to do anything, but seemed like there could be a story in it.

If nothing else, it would be an adventure.

So we both cleaned up pretty, put on our game faces, and hit the local bar scene. We either started or ended, in Travelers, but I can't be sure. I believe we were trying out new bars and Travelers (which is poorly named but has a huge space) seemed like fun. I sat at the bar and ordered a water since I hate the watered-down drinks the place served, and started to chat. I managed to chat up a brand-new, completely terrified hagwon teacher by the name of John Doe, and in his halfhearted attempts to talk to me I discovered this was the first time he had actually been downtown.

"Seriously?" I asked.

"I don't really know where to go," he responded. I called over the Irish, who decided to wingman for the poor shy fellow, and out we went, back onto the streets and toward another bar, now a party of three. Somehow we ended up eating kabobs, and taking in the unfortunate dance-time rhythms and sounds of a sports bar, before heading toward the concert-hall bar, and finally (as it was getting close to one a.m.) working our way back toward the Lonely Hearts Club. Truly, the Lonely Hearts is the only place to end an evening, and while John seemed to be warming up he didn't seem much longer for the world.

As we walked toward the Lonely Heartshaving crawled through all of the Daegu bar scene in one nightwe passed by the bag drinks place. The weather was nice enough that there were people sitting outside, and I surely did not want one of the sugary sweet drinks. I went to make straight past it when I heard a muffled "help" coming up from one of the tables.

I stopped and looked over my shoulder at a young blonde girl who mouthed to me, "Help us!"

This required a slightly more refined check of the scene, so I turned and looked and took in the situation. There were three youngish girls sitting at the outdoor table, and with them three Korean men. It seemed like the girls wanted to get away from the Koreans, but were not quite sure exactly how to do it. The look in Blondie's eyes made it clear, though, that she at least wanted to escape, so I shrugged, walked over and put my arm around her like she was my best friend and asked her all serious "Where did you go, I thought we'd lost you?"

The Irish, not missing a beat, followed suit, and in short order we had taken control of the three fairy princesses, wrestled them away from the Korean dragons, and transported them with us (and John Doe, who was still in line) toward the Lonely Hearts Club. Or at least we mostly prevailed; apparently, unbeknownst to me, we still had at least one Korean who was not giving up the fight. Unknown to the whole group, at least one of the fairy princesses was into him too. Being that they were all complete strangers, it was perhaps no surprise that we, the knights in shining armor, were unawares.

We entered into the Lonely Hearts and to my surprise I found a long-lost traveler at the bar who knew me and wanted to chat me up. I sat at the bar and reconnected with old friends while the Irish did his best to wingman for John Doe, who was chatting up one of the girls we rescued from the Koreans. Turned out the girls were all from South Africa and it was also their first time in downtown Daegu. It seemed to be a night of first timers.

The night wound on, and suddenly I realized that it was close to two a.m. I headed over to the Irish to see how things were going. It looked like John Doe was going to be successful after all; however, the girl he was most interested in also seemed to quickly be going over the precipice of merely drunk to totally knocked out. Blondie (who had asked us to save the group) was asking the bartender if she could just sleep it off in a corner. The Irish came up to me and asked if I would mind if he let them crash on various couches.

I said sure, and went back to my drink. Shortly after that I watched them carry drunk fairy princess number two out of the bar, and turned back to my drinks with friends until well after the cocks crowed sunrise.

At six a.m. I did my own walk-and-stumble out of the Lonely Hearts and headed toward home, remembered vaguely there would be people in the house, and tried my best to be quiet. Which was sort of silly since obviously something was going on.

Or at least someone was going on with someone else in the apartment. At first I wondered if John Doe had also ended up at our place, or if something else had gone on with the Irish that I had not seen. That was not it, though. It was fairy princess number three who, apparently, was quite interested in the Korean boy that was chatting her up to the point where she brought him to the house, and, well, yes, they were on the couch. Fairy princess number twowho was pass-out drunk in the barwas pass-out drunk on couch number two, and the Irish was in bed, with a fairly passed out princess number one, that party being fully clothed in his bed. I was amused.

I climbed into my bed, thankfully empty of all princesses and only containing a small dog, and passed out.

Sometime around nine the second girl woke up, the Korean guy left, and the two awake girls started talking, and then they went in to drag the first girl out of the Irish's room. He talked to them for a few more minutes and then sent them on their merry way. Fortunately we live close to the train.

When he got back he popped in to see me.


"That was a frustrating waste of time."

"How'd she end up in your bed?"

"Well, I thought that might be going somewhere but apparently it was not."

"What happened to John Doe?"

"No idea; I lost him on the stairs."

"Well, not bad for a first time out trying to pull since the end of all things."

"Not really a success," the Irish said.

"Really? Come on man, three of 'em, and a Korean."

We laughed and fell asleep in my bed in the thankfully silent, empty apartment.

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