Monday, April 01, 2013

Long, Spring, Sighs

Where did March go?

I've been in transition, which means a rather distinct lack in writing, as I generally tend not to write about transition; however, things are starting to taper into something like stability.

And then it was spring in Korea, which of course meant North Korea would attack any minute now. Except, if you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will note that North Korea did  this every spring and around every new year with a fair amount of regularity. So much so that, frankly, I got bothered about it for about three days and then relaxed.

I was in Seoul this weekend, knowing that something was happening via some streams of civilian intelligence.

Over lunch I ran into someone I knew.

"So, Sara, are you worried about North Korea?"

"Not any more than usual, why?"

"I just spent twenty minutes talking someone down. They are convinced we are getting bombed any second."

"What did North Korea do this time?" My tone of voice was like that of a teacher with an exasperating child. What did Sally do now? Did she kick the boys again? What is Johnny doing? Do we need to call his mother? It's tiresome and weary at best.

"Apparently they declared war."

"Kinda hard to declare war when we have technically been at war since 1951. That never ended you know."

"It didn't?"

"No, it didn't," I shot back and went on to enjoy my salad while talking nonchalantly about living in the sea of fire blast radius. Generally, we just didn't care. We were on the ground and it wasn't a big deal. If anything, it was mostly bluster.

Spring in Korea was blooming, the cherry blossoms were out, and I was going to Gyeongju for a field trip on Thursday. Life was all right.

As an aside, here's a very interesting article from the Ask a Korean blog on North Korean cyberterrorism that I thought others might enjoy:

He also has a great perspective on the hullabaloo.

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