Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BossBondage and the Beauty of Pain

The room that Locahi would be tying in still had a workshop in session but I let myself in anyway. The session going on was being led by BossBondage and was specifically about torture tying. BossBondage does not fuck about with his torture tying. I got in just in time for perhaps the best part. The room was full with partners at all the suspension rigs, with submissive partners on the floor, one leg tied into the air and BossBondage standing in front with his partner/modelwho was beautiful, naked, and in a similar position with her leg suspended in the air while the rest of her was on the ground.

"Now, I know I've said through this entire workshop that you need to take things slowly, and I mean that. I also want you to know that I know my lady pretty well. We have a good rapport and we have done this before. I know exactly how much she can take, how to read her body, and how to be safe. So, even though I have told you over and over again to go slow, I'm about to completely ignore that and just dive right in," And with that he pulled his rope up, brought the leg higher up into the air, practically splitting his pretty model in two, and filling the air with her plaintive and sharp wails of pain filling the entire room. It was absolutely mesmerizing and filled with an incredible intimacy that I felt privileged to share.  

He went on to explain some various ways to milk the position for more pain, demonstrated how his rope bottom could actually ease the position (if he was magnanimous enough to let her), and discussedwhen not distracted by her pretty, writhing, squirming, and shouting-in-pain personother potential uses for the position. 

"And now it's your turn to try it. If you haven't finished your chest harnesses hurry up and get that done; as you can see, this is not the sort of thing where you want to be fussing with a chest harness for fifteen minutes." And within moments there were additional wails of pain and moans of pleasure from around the room as the class, almost in unison, foisted their partners into painful, bondage-torture positions. Never had I wished so badly to have had a partner to bring to a session. 

BossBondage walked dutifully around the classroom and inspected the riggings. He reminded one group that was tying close to each other to be sure to communicate when they were changing positions and moving so as not to cause problems between the ropes. He kept everyone on task, corrected things, commented on how well others whined, all while his assistant helped down his lovely lady and went straight into aftercare with the now-released rope bottom. It was one of the best, and most professionally lead workshops I have ever seen and the only thing I was upset about was that I wasn't there from the very beginning. This was ten times better than the session I had slipped out of. 

What I liked most about BossBondage was his attitude. He was careful, cautious, and concise, but not in  the manner of a know-it-all. He clearly loved what he was doing, he was attentive to his submissive, and even though moving around, aware of everything that was going on. It was a casual air of authority and it suited him well.

As BossBondage stopped by one couple, reminding people that it was time to start letting people down to prepare for the next session, one gentleman cried out, "but she doesn't want to come down," to which the BossBondage replied perfectly (without missing a beat), "Geez it's a shame there is not a dungeon where we can stay up all night torturing each other." I smiled, and slowly people got hoisted down and the room filled out. I've been enamored of riggers in my time, but right then, I wanted to follow BossBondage around like a the new messiah and ask him to teach me as I sat at his feet. Instead, I helped set up the room for Lochai, and made a note to myself about just how awesome BossBondage was.

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