Monday, June 17, 2013

The Shibaricon is On!

Shibaricon is a great collection of ropeists and riggers, which I had only enjoyed once previously. I hadn't planned on going this year, but the Bard had won the vendor prize and was gifted with two free tickets. When offered one I said "Hell yes!" and made sure to bring my rope with me from Korea.

The great thing about Shibaricon, and what makes it so different from IML, is that it's not just a shopping event, it's a learning event. Granted, IML and shopping can be a lot of fun, but there is something nice about sitting in a room with other people at various levels of rope skill and learning. One thing I learned was that I need to get better about talking about my knots, and boy did I get a crash course in doing that over the weekend at Shibaricon. 

Of course, there was some shopping, with Pendragon Chainmail managing to catch my eye with a very pretty collar that I just had to have. I almost bought another piece, but decided against it (and of course, now I can't live without it). Unfortunately, while Shibaricon was great, it got off to a rocky start. Even though we were there on time, apparently the hotel was overbooked as parking was full. By the time we got back to Shibaricon after parking hell we had missed the start of the session. Since there was not much shopping to be done, this was rather annoying and meant sitting around for an hour and a half, eating some lunch, and talking while playing with rope in anticipation. I had picked out who I wanted to see, but was very said I'd missed the first session I wanted with Midori. 

The second session I was going to was taught by Mistress Reiki, and it was supposed to be about basic BDSM tying. I figured that would be all right so I decided to check it out. The Bard and the Electrician were off to visit another workshop at the same time. I moved into the room on my own, found a spot, set up my rope, and waited. Of course, this ended up being a partner session and I had no partner to tie with. A very nice gentlemen (after watching me play with my rope for a few minutes) invited me to come sit with him. He gave off a harmless vibe, so I said yes. 

"I'm KnottyRandy," he said. 

"Saradevil, nice to meet you." I replied. 

And we sat and talked about life in general, what we tied, who we tied, why we tied, and waited for the workshop to begin. When it got started, the little French girl that was doing the tying talked fast, demoed her first tie and asked us to do it. When the workshop said basic, it was not an understatement. In fact, it was too basic, and both KnottyRandy and I were bored. So we started showing each other the ropes on our own. We did take some time to try the tie that had been presented, which was a simple hands together with a face planted arms between legs, knees spread, which would be good for spanking or sex. 

I tied KnottyRandy down first, and he quipped in the middle "I don't think I've ever been tied by a girl before." 

"First time for everything, " I said. 

He was a good victim for me, so I returned the favor and was a good practice dummy victim for him. Then we sat and played with rope. He showed me a couple of load-bearing non-slip knots, and I showed him the a French non-slipping restraint. We played and practiced on each other, and we were not the only ones with the idea. The workshop quickly devolved into an impromptu play party with everyone just tying up their partners however they wanted. In other words, the rope people were bored. 

Finally I decided it was time to go to sneak into the next session room. I was very excited about seeing Lochai Stine, who would be doing a session on speed bondage with rope. Aside from being possibly one of the best riggers on the planet, he is also the most seen, even if people don't realize it. The reality is, though, his rigging is everywhere and it's impossible not to see it, as he was the rigger for for close to two years, and still ties regularly for I was very excited to attend a workshop that he would be leading.

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