Monday, June 10, 2013

Let the Kinkfest Begin

There was something of a scheduling conflict for what was the biggest kinky weekend in Chicago, in that you had all three events pretty much all at the same time, and you really had to balance to be able to figure out how to do all of them. This year it would be one day of IML, two days of Shibariconwith a trip back for the Fetish Ball on Saturday nightand then possibly one more day of IML on Monday...if by then I was not completely dead from all the other kinking out.

So it was on Friday afternoon when I piled into a car with the Bard and the Electrician, and after a very nice brunch with an "eh sorta" Bloody Mary, we headed to IML. (A Bloody Mary is sort of a thing, in that, well, I keep trying them thinking they will get better, and I keep discovering that they do not, in fact, get any better and I don't like them any more this time then I did the last time I tried them. Why I keep it is up is beyond me, but I do. Although, after this last round I will probably give it up contentedly for at least another year.)

IML changes its location every three years, and I happened to have come in on the IML this year when it was in an all-new location downtown, which was actually in some ways easier to get to from where we would park. Because Chicago hates me it was freezing cold and I was not dressed for it. For shopping I was not interested in much, even though I am an insane gearwhore.

Thing is, there does come a point where you really do sort of have all the gear you need, and while looking at new gear is nice, it's hard to think of what you would do with it. I'm not one of those gear people that has to have a giant collection and use everything once. I have my favorites, and I use them often, and I don't see a real need to upgrade what I have for new stuff all the time. Hell, my favorite dildo is an acrylic piece I bought in 2002, and even though I have something like eight dildos, that is my go-to piece in almost every situation. I freaking love that dildo. Long live the dildo. That dildo has also been around the world with me for close to ten years. It's like an old friend. However, that doesn't stop me from occasionally looking at new dildos, I just don't buy them like I used to.

We got to IML and the Electrician was visibly stressed about the time. We knew we were in the right place when we pulled up on the crowd of men covered in leather, but where oh where was the market? The market was really what we were looking for. After searching around the lobby of the hotel it was not becoming any more clear, and then, by happy accident, the sea of leather-covered bears, boys, bois, daddys, puppies, alphas, cowboys, and roughriders parted to let past a Leather Woman, who was known to the Electrician. After a few moments of exchange questions were answered. The market could be found on the fifth and seventh floors and we needed to take an elevator up.

This lead to waiting with a group of bears, cubs, motorcyclists, Doms, Dommes, subs, sluts, and hotel guests (who had no idea what was going on), for what had to be the world's slowest elevator. After boarding the purgatorial slow beast we finally made it to our destination, with the Electrician none calmer. It was at this point that I decided I really needed to just go off on my own and let the couple shop.

"I'm gonna take off; meet you back here," I said.

"But why?"

"I want to go kinda slow. I just want to map it out."

"But we only have four-and-a-half hours."

"I know."

"You can't go slow; you don't have time to go slow," The Electrician implored.

"Okay, let's make sure we have phone numbers." I was amused; granted this is like the largest sex store in Chicago for the next four days, but four-and-a-half hours was going to be more than enough time for me to get my gear gazing on without feeling too rushed.

I left the Bard and the Electrician and went off in search of the one thing I really did want to buy for myself, which was a corset. I have a full overbust, but I wanted an underbust. My full overbust is currently too big, as well, so I wanted one that would fit just right.

The market was a madhouse, with all sorts of fetishists and leatherheads. At every stall was someone trying on a chest harness, or showing off a cock ring. Several had some interesting hardcore leather porn. There were puppies without masters who would bark if you got too close, Doms leading their subs around by crotch leashes, all sorts of master and owner play going on. It was amazing and wonderous to behold, and the whole thing was coated in the scent of leather .

On the first floor I did not find much I wanted so I wandered out and onto the second floor where, after about two turns, I stumbled upon Marvolous Mayhem's corsets. They were not the only corsets, but gods were this handmade corsets the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I knew they were expensive, but they were also gorgeous. I looked for something in my size and was having very little luck, until a very nice balding leather man came over and said happily they could put me in something today.

"Do you know your corset size?" he asked.

"I'd be a thirty-four."

"Well, let's measure you just in case."

He took out his tape measure and measured me up.

"That's right, you are a thirty-four."

"I'm a seamstress, so I better know my measurements and my corset size."

"Well, not everyone knows their corset size. So, what are you looking for?"

I pointed to the waist cinchers I was in love with and sadly they were all in thirty-twos. We talked for a minute and a beautiful, subtly decorated purple-and-black gothic corset caught my eye.

"What about that? Do you have that in a thirty-four?"

"Looks like it is only in the thirty-two."

"Does it have a modesty panel? I mean…it might not close all the way…"

I pouted. I loved it. I wanted it.

"We could try it on and see?"

"If you don't mind," I was worried.

"Let's give it a shot." He slipped the beautiful thing around me and laced it faster than I have ever been laced up before, and it was beautiful, and he started tightening it up.

"Pull it tighter!" shouted his partner from the side.

"We'll get there," he said and I could hear him smile. "You just let me know if it gets uncomfortable."

"Right…THERE!" my voice shouted up a notch and he laughed and said he thought he found it.

"Well, this actually fits beautifully. it's a little wide in the center, but overall I'd say this is a great fit, and if you lose a little more weight, that bunch will go away."

"Yeah…yeah…how much?" And that was that. He asked if I wanted to wear it out, and I just smiled and said of course, and walked into the sea of leather people, feeling suddenly more at home in it with my pretty handmade corset. Within an hour I had more than ten people tell me how beautiful it was, and I could not agree more.

Aside from the corset I bought floggers and completed a shopping list for my kinky Irishman, who was all stuck in Korea. It was a good day, finished with a release from the corset and dinner at Gruppo and fine wine.

I spent the better part of an hour talking while drinking on a comfy couch, while taking pictures and having pictures taken, before passing out quite soundly, preparing myself for the next day, which would be full of much rope and much Shibaricon and the Fetish Ball.

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