Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bourbon Dreams

The Artist was drunk. The Geisha was not far behind.

“We should spend his money,” the Artist slurred.

“Okay,” I said.

“I have to go to Busan,” said the Geisha. She had a tattoo appointment.

“Let’s go to Busan. We can go to a casino,” slurred the Artist.

“I’ve never been to a casino in Korea,” I chime in.

“Yeah; let’s go to a casino and spend his money!”

“I’m not sure about this,” from the Geisha. Being the girlfriend, her prudence was appreciated.

“There are casinos in Daegu. We could go here,” I suggested.

“Yeah! Let’s go to a casino here, but you have to come,” said the Geisha. The Geisha is polite and poised and puts off all of our advances until we eventually all parted ways, with the Geisha going back to her home. The Artist at this point was failing badly, so I decided what we really needed was a hotel. While we had the new apartment, it was not really unpacked, it had no air conditioning, and after two days of working her fingers to the bone, my lady love needed a freaking break. We tried for a more expensive actual hotel first.

“We don’t have any rooms.”

“But I’m an employee of this very well-known company,” The Artist slurred, showing her company badge.

Sadly, the hotel we were trying for did not have an agreement with said well-known company, and as such, we were unable to get in. Although we tried to con, trick, and connive to get ourselves there, all we got eventually was an escort out. The Artiststill in her alcohol-induced hazechatted up some Finnish engineers outside until I eventually dragged her away. The two older ones seemed happy to be rid of us, but the younger one smiled.

“We have to go now,” the Artist screamed toward our escort, “and I have to go have sex with this beautiful woman.” I smiled, the young Finish engineer smiled, the escort rushed us, and I hustled us into a cab before he could catch up and managed to get us toward where we were going, a place with many comfortable hotels. Eventually, after some work, I managed to get her in a room, undressed, and into bed. Within seconds she was asleep.

I sat up next to her for a while, watching her snore soft bourbon-fueled snores, while recounting the many wonders of her existence before finally, a few hours later, I allowed myself to wind my way toward sleep.

And as I drifted, I thought here is a woman who has done more for me than I can possibly imagine, and because of this, I shall never be able to repay her, and can only love her even more. I fell asleep holding her and feeling the deepest love.

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