Sunday, August 18, 2013

Celebration Hotel

The move was hard. Work was hard.

So, after having finally finished the move and finally getting to a place where I did not work weekends, I decided to celebrate by checking into a hotel for the weekend. It would be nice to have air-conditioning, and that really was the selling point for me. I talked about it with the Trainer on my session.

“You know, I’m going up to Seoul; why don’t you take my place for the weekend?”

It was a sweet offer. The air conditioning was a big selling point. But also, “Well, I’m really looking forward to a bath.”

Yes, there is a bathtub at the new place, but since the new apartment has been trying to kill me, the prospect of bathing there was not enticing.

Yes, the new apartmenta catalog of injuries if you will:

  • A bruise on my arm for two weeks
  • A ripped-off toenail
  • A smashed toe
  • An earring ripped out
  • A concussion

It’s been emotional.

The last straw was the concussion. The concussion was the result of me sleeping out on the porch and the fan that was there to cool me; instead, it shook off the shelf and hit me in the head, hard. A seven-pound fan. This in and of itself would maybe not have been so bad, except for the fact that I had minorly concussed myself in the same area a few days prior, hitting the exact same spot getting into a cab on a bad night.

Getting out of the apartment and into a bath seemed like a really good idea, and one that I wanted to explore further and so, while the offer of a free room was sweet, I decided against it and check into the hotel. Work was hard with the concussion, I was dizzy and nauseous all day, but managed to maintain. Fortunately, Friday was a short day.

With a plan in mind I left at one. Went straight home. Got the dog. Went straight to a hotel. Turned on the air conditioning. Pulled back the covers.

And passed the fuck out for two hours.

When I woke up around four, I was feeling much better about life in general. Sleep had soothed me, although my head still felt damned bumped. It was then I realized that all I had brought with me to the hotel was the dog, and I had no clothes, no food, nada, nothing, and I was planning to stay for two days. I would need to go back to my hot apartment and at least get a change of underwear. And so it was that I ventured back out into the thirty-seven degree Daegu summer heatwave weather to get a bag with clothes, some coffee, and some food. I ordered chicken as that seemed easy, and as I waited for it to be delivered I packed up.

The chicken came quickly, and I was in a cab within minutes of the delivery, realizing I had not eaten all day. When I got to the hotel the first order of business was, in fact, to eat. Then I realized I could have a bath. I went into the bathroom thatup unto that pointI had only really glanced at.

In the bathroom I stood.

In awe.

There, in front of me, was the most magnificent beast of a bathtub I had ever seen.

It had captain’s seats.

I was in love with this inanimate object. I wanted to be inside it more than I had ever wanted to be inside another man or woman. So strong was the attraction that I actually felt weak in my knees for a moment standing in front of it. My head raced with thoughts, one of them being: how long will it take to fill this thing?

(Answer: two hours.)

Two hours later I had a glass of wine, a belly full of chicken, a good book, and was ready for a bath.

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