Monday, August 19, 2013

Magical Discovery of Glowbath

Two hours is a lot of time to anticipate something, and I had two hours to think about this bath I was about to take. I still had a bit of bubble bath left, so I had brought it with me. I dumped it into the bath, but after two hours even an awesome bubble bath can dissipate. There were still some bubbles but it was perhaps not as strong as it could have been:

I didn't mind. My book in hand, my glass of wine nearby, I slipped out of my robe and climbed (literally climbed) over the side of this thing and slipped under the water. This was no ordinary tub; it was more like a small swimming pool. I slipped, and slid and tried to maintain some semblance of balance in the water. It was freaking huge and I was holding on to the sides like someone who had just learned to swim. This was awesome.

I leaned back into the batch, into the captain’s chair, and found the button that would turn on the whirlpool jets. To my delight and surprise the bath started to buzz and blow water around me, and now I really did need to hold on to the sides to avoid getting pushed under the waves in the small sea that had been erected somehow in the middle of this Korean love motel. The sea, which was fast moving and had crests and eddies and glowing lights in the bottomwhat an interesting and awesome place this was to be.

And then the lights went out.

As I should have been aware (and as is the habit in many love motels) the lights were on a timer, and I had been filling the bath for quite a while. The lights, had in fact, flipped off once while I was working to fill the tub, but it had not occurred to me when I turned them back on that this could happen again. Instead, I was mostly concerned with just getting enough water in to immerse myself. Immerse I did, but now, with the lights off, what I was immersing myself in was a glowing, cascading sea of water.

Thus, glowbath was born.

It was the most awesome glowbath, and I had the best time sliding around in waves and lights and taking silly pictures of my feet in water, until finally I just sat back, relaxed with my book, and found a way to prop myself against the sides so I would not get blown away. It was all rather awesome—so much so that in two days I had something like four baths. Glorious.

I shall go again. Glowbath and I are bound to each other. Once glowbath has been experienced, no mortal bath can possibly hope to replace it.

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