Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Oyster Bar

“What do you want to eat?”

We had decided to eat in St. Louis, and since it was on the Mississippi, I thought it might be nice to have some fish or something. Much to my surprise though, even though we did a lot of looking, there was no trout to be found anywhere. So we ended up at some sort of city institution called the Broadway Oyster Bar, which we found quiet, quaint, and quick to accommodate us.

They served Cajun, which was close enough to what I was looking for to make us both happy.

He has some sort of gumbo and I had a blackened chicken. We shared some really lovely crawfish poppers as well, and that was most awesome.

I pursued the drink menu while we waited and discovered the Sazerac.

Temptation Rye Whisky, dash Peychauds Bitters, simply syrup, La Muse Verte Absinthe, Lemon Twist


That seemed like a yes.

“So, the Sazerac, you think you can make this without the simple syrup?”

“Let me ask.”

After confirming, they brought me said drink, and it was…yes, it was yes. Of course, there was the part of me that remember that night with an Absinthe martini (it ended in eighteen-year-old girls) so I was sure I knew better, but I drank one anyway. And before we left had another for good measure.

The place had the feel of a seedy Mississippi bar, and as such, was a perfect compliment for the city and the river. The food was good, the music a proper mix of delta blues, dust-bowl folk, and the occasional blues-y rock to make it work. We enjoyed our stay before heading outward and onward on the road again.

“That was nice,” said the Boy.

“You liked?”

“Crawfish. Who knew?”

I smiled and tripped on the sidewalk as we made the way back to the car. Running around with the green fairy was the next two hours of the drive.

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