Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Transition Periods

Now we are in the season of the windup and wind down. One move over, one to go.

This one has more permanence than the last, as this one means I will be saying goodbye to my fair Korea, and trying (very hard) to reintegrate into an American lifestyle.

I do not know what this will lead to. I do not know what kind of adventures I will have—if I have any at all. However, I generally tend to find entertainment and take it where I can.

I’m looking forward to more music. Already I have tickets to Riot Fest and Alt-J. There will be more. The fall is a good time for bands and I plan to explore them.

Work is a transitional, lateral move. I think it interesting to say that, since teaching about lateral thinking is something I do in one of my workshops. Lateral, yes, but not totally gone is all the dedication and commitment I have put into my career.

Korea has been good to me.

Korea has loved me.

Korea has forever changed me.

Korea has hurt me, too.

I am stronger for my time in Korea.

I feel a sense of overwhelming sadness and loss to be going.

I will need to work out several thousand things perhaps, but all of this can be done with time.

Today I am thinking about the future and the future seems bright, but at the same time sad and filled with ennui. Yet change is the only constant.

I am both better and worse now than I have ever been. Does that make me neutral or indifferent? Perhaps; sometimes I feel that I am this way.


What does that mean to me anymore?

Out there—somewhere—is an inland sea waiting for me, with a dog, a Boy, a job, a city, music, and adventure. Things I love. Things I have often missed.

Fall is coming soon. I think it will be a good fall.

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