Friday, September 06, 2013

Also, before I left...

"We should go," yawns the Irish.

I'm all maudlin.

"I really wanted to play," I pout.

"There is, like, no one here."

I look around and I have to agree. At best we have six teams all-told tonight. I wanted a last quiz night before I left Korea. It had been on hiatus for a month and this was their first night back. My last night, last chance to play.

"What if we just play one round?" I say.

We watch as they start to pass out baskets and realize that there are at least six teams with us.

"Fuck it, let's play," says the Irish and he goes and gets a paper.

And so we played. The first round was about robots. Perhaps it was a sign. 30 minutes and twenty questions later and they reveal  the answers. We had a perfect round.

"So, it's ours to lose," says the Irish.

"Seems to be."

The next round was theme music. Between me and the Irish, we easily had almost every question in the  round. We missed one item.

"What the hell?" I ask.

"We seem to be doing well."


The final round comes up. Sometimes these are quite tricky, but tonight it seems pretty straightforward. International Slang. Almost all of it was Irish.

The Irish smiles.

When  they announce the final scores we finished at the top of the list, having missed only 3 questions the entire game.

"It's her last night, folks."

I buy the quizmakers a drink (called a "Red-Headed Slut"), to thank them. It was a special.

"Goddamn, that is fucking foul, now isn't it?" declares Quartermain, one of the quiz crew. "It's like it coats your throat and won't go away."

His female compatriot just looks at him. "Sort of like a red-headed slut?" she says.

I smile and join the Irish for another round of drinks, watching him flit around the bar, making friends and doing his social thing.

We barely made enough money to cover our bar tab. It was a good win.

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