Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Daegu Body Painting Festival 2013

In 2011 it was one of the biggest parties in Daegu. It was actually pretty awesome. This year it was very, very small. They had only one international artist. The Korean artists were good, but the size was so much dramatically smaller that it wasin many ways just not the same.

Originally I had not intended to go, but a train wreck in Daegu caused a bit of a logistics problem with my monthly meet-up group. The group was going to have the festival first, and later dinner. I arranged the dinner, but I wanted to skip the festival. With the crash, the leaders of the festival could not make it, so I was on point. 

I picked up the motley crew and guided them to the train station for the festival. 

In all the work was good,  but the energy was different. 

It was entertainingas alwaysbut clearly not the same. Another sign of all things changing.

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