Sunday, September 29, 2013

Everything Does Feel Pretty Tame

I had decided previously that I wanted to see Gwar, but didn’t need to see the whole thing, I really wanted to see Joan Jett, and if I was in the back of the crowd for Danzig I could deal with it. I worked my way through the crowd and got a reasonably good spot on the stage for the Joan Jett concert, but started to wonder why the crowd was so small about five minutes to set time. Finally, I asked the guy standing next to me who he was waiting for and he answered “Sublime.”


I was at the wrong stage.

I backed out of the crowd and started to sprint across the thirteen-hundred acre park to the right stage. I really wanted to get close enough to see something, but the crowd was awe inspiring in size and there was no way I was getting to the stage. The crush of people was intense and tight and I was not going to get though it at all. What was worse, the sound on the stage really sucked so I could barely hear from where I had managed to squeeze in. So I made the decision to back out and head back to the Gwar stage for the Danzig show and figured I could deal with being on stage for Danzig after all.

As I was working my way out of the crowd two girls pushed in front of me, and I was just behind them but we were all working together to get out when suddenly one of the girls stopped and bent over, putting herself tightly up against my crotch as I was still being pushed forward to the crowd.

“Um,” I said into the rock music-filled air, but was pretty sure she couldn’t hear me and the crowd kept pushing. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable when she finally popped up and we started moving again.

As we made it out of the press she turned to me and smiled “Sorry, but you see I had to, I had to…” she kept saying this like it was clear, although I was clearly confused. Finally I started to pay attention to her hands and realized she was waving a joint around to make a point about why she suddenly had to stop. She’d dropped her dope. Got it. I was amused. Being back in America less than a week, I had rather forgotten about the ridiculous drug culture in this country, I waved her off and moved to get back on stage for the Danzig concert.

I managed to be on the rail just to the left of center stage. Not a bad vantage point for the show. As the crowd started to fill in I noted a mother with her son right behind me. Her son looked to be all of about 8, wearing a cutup jean vest with lots of patches, and a white T-shirt with some minor Gwar splatter (she had a little herself). She was talking to her son as we waited for Danzig.

“Tomorrow the Celtic festival is going to feel pretty tame next to this.”

The kid just sort of looked at her. He seemed faintly amused by the whole thing, and so was I.

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