Friday, September 27, 2013

Have you heard of Gwar?

You could hear the music coming out of the park as you were coming up on it. Apparently I was in time to catch a small part of Bad Religion as I entered into the park, but I didn’t stay to listen. The stage I wanted to be on was going to be Gwar and I had to find it.

I’ve not been to this park before for a festival, and the festival did not provide any information guides at all. There were a few large maps posted here and there, but it was damn-near impossible to figure out where everything was. I finally managed to put together that the stage I wanted to be on was basically straight ahead of where had I walked in, so I headed in that direction until I came to the riot stage. There wasn’t much of a crowd, so I was only a few back from the front of the line, but since it was Gwar, this was a show where I actually didn’t want to be on the stage.

I’d heard the rumors. I’d seen a few videos.

I’m not a fan of Gwar’s music, but I like the ridiculous theatricality of the concept behind Gwar and I figured if for no other reason that was a good reason to go and see Gwar. I can enjoy anyone that puts on a good show.

The thing with Gwar is, it is basically an act. They play their own band of speed/thrash/death metal, where most of the words sound like “rwarrawawarrarrar ararrrrararr mmmrarrawwraram rrarararrar”. I’m sure there are Gwar fans somewhere that would disagree with me on the point of lyrics, but whatever, that is basically what it sounds like.

During the act itself the band members wear wonderfully outrageous costumes; they are basically “demons from hell” here to play rock and roll. Seems perfectly appropriate to me. The other part of the whole Gwar experience is being sprayed with an array of fluids, primarily the blood of the various victims who are murdered on stage for the amusement of the audience, who are then soaked in blood from various spurting arteries. From what I’d heard the blood splatter can really be something else.

I was looking forward to some ridiculousness.

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