Thursday, September 26, 2013

Riot Fest, Chicago 2013: It's Like High School for Grownups!

Also, I didn't need to steal anyone's car or have to worry about getting busted for underage drinking.

I knew Riot Fest was happening in Chicago before I had gone back to Korea in July, but since I didn’t  know what was happening with Korea I had not gotten tickets.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go, but as it was I was back in  Chicago in plenty of time. I knew I was going to be headed out around the fourth so when a friend posted that she had to sell her Riot Fest ticket I pounced on it. Lucky for me I was Contestant Number 2 in the game, and Number 1 backed out, so I got the ticket.

The hard part was arranging a meet, but on a much cooler Chicago Wednesday night we managed to meet on the street. I handed over 100 dollars, she handed me a ticket and I sprinted so not to miss my train. Thus it was that I was going to Riot Fest.

I knew when I was still in Korea that I was going to Riot Fest, so I had made the Kiterunner and the Irish read the setlist.

The Irish was the best.

“Bad Religion? Rancid? Fall Out Boy? Blink 182? Sublime! I hate you.”

I smiled.

The Kiterunner was also sort of priceless.

“The Misfits? Blondie? The Pixies? Suicidal Tendencies? The Violent Femmes? Mission of Burma? Joan Jett! I hate you.”

Yes. There was much envy. That didn’t even include that fact that Riot Fest also had Gwar, Public Enemy, Danzig, and a mighty fine host of others, all coming to rock out (presumably without their cocks out) for a weekend of music and madness in Chicago’s own Humboldt Park.

Excited was a polite word for how I felt about it.

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