Thursday, October 03, 2013

And later, at the Riot Fest Potty

I woke up Saturday morning feeling mostly refreshed and only in a minor amount of physical pain from being on my feet for four hours. Thus began the day of Riot Fest, Part Deux. I had some lunch with the Bard and the Electrician before I slid into a corset (with some tying assistance from the Bard), and headed back out toward Humboldt Park. I managed to make the fest around 3:00 which gave me some time to wonder around, catch a few different nonessential acts for me and browse the merch.

From a stage I heard some aged punk rocker scream “I’ve never had to play in so much sunlight before. Some of you guys here are old enough to know it, but some of you kids here are not, so just know it: don’t let the assholes get you, man, be yourself. Be your-fucking-selves. Don’t be a fucking sellout!”

I smiled and kept wandering.

Thing about this park is that it is freaking HUGE. While I felt I had plenty of time to find everything, it took me almost an hour to find the merch tent, and of course, it was merch tent day two, so the stuff I wanted to get from yesterday's shows was gone, and I was left with today's selection. I picked up a T-shirt, stuffed it in my bag, and walked through the carnival.

There was a pretty interesting carnival going on last night, with fire spinners, light dancers, a few different carny games, and a big Ferris wheel. I walked through the game section and had some very nice carny hand me a ball and try to convince me to play a game. I kept tossing until he had convinced a few other looky-loos to play and then went back to my wondering. I paid a few dollars to shoot off an air gun, and then decided I should get some water and use the bathroom before settling in for what was going to be a good long stage squat while I waited for Blondie. I also wanted to get a little diet cola, asconsidering the booze situation at the siteI had decided to bring a flask containing some decent vodka with me (and seriously, who throws a riot festival that is beer only? Who thinks that’s okay?).

There was a line up for the various port-o-lets and so I picked a line and got it in it. The girl in front of me turned around, and then turned back to face the port-o-let and then turned around and gave me a hug.

“You know, I have been here all day thinking I wanted to be social and no one was here to be social with me,” said Ms. Mayhem. I smiled.

“Well, wasn’t that handy? This was not on purpose; I actually have to pee.”

“I pee like a man, so you can go after me.”

We took our individual turns in the loo, and then (very Korean style) after dousing in hand sanitizer, she slipped her arm through mine and said “I really need to eat. I think I saw a tent that was doing vegan blueberry pie puffs; come with me?”

“Sure. I also want to grab a coke.”



“That’s 29. I’ve been counting Mohawks all day. That’s 29. Not a bad one, but I think the spikes are a little redundant.”

So we started walking and talking. Ms. Mayhem filled me in on the goings-on in her love life, which I had been following from afar as we walked toward the tent that might provide her with vegan pastries.

“Do you want one?”

I shook my head. “Low-carb.”

“Right, yes, of course. I knew I needed someone to take care of me. Now that I’ve eaten, I can’t remember eating.”

“We should get some water. Do you want to stage squat with me?”

“Who are you squatting for?”


“Yes, that’s perfect! That’s the last show I want to see and then I was going to take off. I’m tired, I’ve been here since nine.”

“Let’s go then.”

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