Saturday, October 05, 2013

Atomic, Whoa!

Debbie Harry danced onto the stage from the far right. She was wearing what looked for all the world like a witches cape with a very long, very pointy hat. The band started bleating out the opening chords of “Atomic”, which caused Ms. Mayhem and I to start jumping up and down and screamingas is appropriate when you are on the stage in front of Debbie Harry.

As the show continued she played every single hit Blondie ever wrote, and as she sang she stripped down and down until she was every bit the punk-rock goddess she had been some thirty-odd years ago. She moved across that stage with the lithe step of a teenager, and everyone in the crowd sang, screamed, and danced along. When she broke from "Heart of Glass" into a riff on "No Sleep Til Brooklyn," we cheered and shouted for her even harder. She sang as the sun dipped down low below the horizon, and we sang and danced with her into that wonderful dark twilight that is Chicago on a warm autumn night.

It was a mixed set with a few new songs here and there, but not a single moment of the hour was wasted and when it finished all I could think was I want to grow old like Debbie Harry, or Patti Smith. I want to have all that power and beauty in my old age, to be commanding, and dangerous and adored, and beautiful. To own the stage.

These women are so beautiful, so magical, and so engaging, to be them…perhaps I have enough  magick to pull it off.

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