Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Danzig, Danzig, Danzig!

I watched the wings of the stage where the band queued up, and there they were, the two long-haired guitarists looking almost as good as they had in our sweaty, sexy dreamy youth, and then there was Glenn. Considerably older, and with a bit of a beer gut, but still a small little bundle of rock and roll rage. He took that stage and he owned it.

And even through the weirdness filter that sometimes comes when I revisit things that recall my teenage angst. I loved it. I jumped and thrashed and screamed along with my favorite tunes. When Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein joined to play guitar we as a crowd screamed harder. The mosh pit waved the crowd as people threw themselves back and forth and we adored Glenn as he paraded. It was awesome.

Since I was on the rail, I let the small child from behind me come on up and stand in front, but after awhile he went back to his Mom, complaining of the sound. She asked for just one more song. Fortunately I had some very nice earplugsa gift from the Irishmade of silicone for swimmers. I didn’t happen to need them at the moment as I wasn’t actually finding the sound that loud (later I would learn they were having speaker problems throughout the festival so it really wasn’t that loud), but then again I wasn’t eight.

I broke off a piece from the plug I never used (safety first) and broke that in half to make to ear plugs for a child. I tapped the kid and motioned with my hands (there was no way he could hear me) and showed him what to do. He looked at me and then his Mom, so I showed her the case. Then I pulled her close and in her ear shouted “I’m a teacher.” She smiled and told her son it was okay and he put the plugs in. She gave him a thumbs up, and after playing with them for second he just beamed from ear to ear and gave her a thumbs up back. The silicone earplugs are awesome and when you use them right you can’t hear ANYTHING at alleven if you are standing in front of a speaker it comes out completely deadened.

The rest of the show was a riot-stomping, thrashing madhouse, and I finished it shaking, entirely spent, and ready to head home. Just before the encore the mom tapped me on the back and said a thank you, before starting to snake her way out of the crowd toward home. I waited until the lights came up and we were sure it was over and then waited for the crowd behind me to break up a bit. As things started to even out I figured it was time to make an escape. I wasn’t worried because I had a plan. Go, get a cab, go home. I figured it would be no problem.

Sometimes, I need to think things through a bit more thoroughly.

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