Thursday, November 07, 2013

Cafe Negro

Early the next morning I woke up, showered, and ventured out to have breakfast.

People kept speaking to me in Spanish. I kept hearing the Spanish. I kept knowing how to respond. I kept just staring at them mutely. This was both embarrassing and understandable. I knew exactly what was happening from a language-learning point of view, but I had no idea how to rectify it.

So I just kept staring blindly at people and wishing that I could get the words in my head to come out of my mouth. Breakfast included a lot of cheese (as I desperately tried to stick to my diet) and I enjoyed the coffee. I went back up to my room to do work before the meeting I was supposed to have at eleven.

At some point around nine I decided I needed more coffee and this was going to require going back downstairs.

I prepared myself for the concierge.

Donde estas café? Neccisisto café por favor?”

Si, estas la vista restaurante aqui.” He pointed to the restaurant.

That was where my Spanish failed me.

“Uh, um…”

He smiled.

“You can speak English.”

“I just…I already had breakfast. I really just want coffee.”

“Well, you can pay for coffee over there, or you can just go in and tell them you are going to drink coffee and drink coffee for free.”

“That works. Kamsahamnida.” Shit.

Si. Annyeonghaseyo.”

I’m an idiot.

I walked back to the café and explained in English that I was only going to drink coffee. They were find with that.

I got a cup of coffee. “Senorita, con leche?” they asked me.

Aniyo.” Shit.

At least I was talking, but now all my answers were coming out in Korean. So now I looked stupid and confused. Awesome.

I went back to doing my work and sort of hoped the day would end eventually; however, it had not yet begun as my fellow presenters were arriving a half hour early and they were happy to see me.

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